Take ferry, meet new people and suddenly you have lifelong friends.. just like that!

Off to Koh Lanta, Thailand
It was time to leave Phi Phi - I had an absolute BLAST and wish that I had more time to hang out here, but the clock is ticking and I am sadly running out of time... and I have a lot I want to see!

So I booked a ferry ticket to Koh Lanta. No sooner than I boarded the ferry, I had a new friend and traveling partner from Canada. We had a blast!  I boarded the boat and the staff were shuffling people into the lower part of the boat, which was dark and cold from AC, I dropped off my gear and quickly came back up to the upper deck to sit in the sun. I asked a gal who was already perched on the deck if it was OK for us to sit up there and she offered a place to sit so I didn't burn my bum. We bs'd the whole way to Koh Lanta and then amidst the chaos of getting off the ferry, we were split up, but had exchanged #'s to grab a beer later if in the same area. I went to the nearest bar to the beach I wanted to stay at when she texted to say she had a big place at a resort that seemed too tame and offered a place to stay. I accepted and made my way to her resort, which wasn't too far from where I stopped to grab a beer and use the wifi to find a home for the night. We met up on the beach, got settled, and then headed to the bar to meet her friend who is a scuba instructor on the island, for dinner and drinks.

New Canadian Friend on the ferry - love how you meet the most random people who then become friends for life!

Boat hair, don't care LOL

Another version of a tuk tuk new to me!

Nakara Beach Resort