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Motorcycling 2016 - 26,192 miles of riding

A.D.D. makes blogging a GREAT idea! But something that is hard to remember to do when there are 1,900 other thoughts going through my brain! And once riding season is over, I try not to think of riding, because, well - its sad.  Anyways - I started the 2016 riding season in April with 14,112 miles on my bike. I ended it with 38,877 miles. This means that I have surpassed my all time season riding record by a long shot! Add in the miles I rode Suzi from Florida to Minnesota, and I rode a total of 26,192 miles in 2016!!!  24,765  on the Victory and 1,427 on Suzi. Through 24 states total. 12 'new' states for the Victory. There were so many fun trips - from local riding, to Arkansas in May, Pike's Peak in June,  the Pacific Coast Highway in July, Sturgis in August, Florida/Georgia/Kentucky/Tennessee/Indiana/Missouri in September, Eureka Springs bike week in September, Iowa & Wisconsin in October, Illinois in November, and lots of other little trips. Of the 24 states I r