Two Girls & Unplanned DIY Motorcycle Repair on the side of the road just off the Million Dollar Highway ~ 2021

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. It might be a crappy reason in that moment, but after time, I can almost always look back and be thankful for whatever happened, when it happened.  Stiffy, Tami, and I rode the Million Dollar Highway (CO 550) this summer, from south to north. Which, if you've never been, south to north is definitely the way to go as views get progressively more amazing with every turn. And there are a LOT of tight turns with steep drops offs and minimal space to pull over if something goes awry.  So, after riding the entire Million Dollar Highway, we stopped in Montrose CO to grab lunch and part ways with Tami, who had to return home a few days before we did. We left the parking lot of where we all had lunch, I was leading the crew to the turnoff point where Tami would go one way, and we would head the other. I looked back and noticed Stiffy's bike BILLOWING smoke. While trying to pay attention to the road ahead and I was also looking in my

Apostle Island Sea Caves ~ Spectacular!

 Last weekend I did a solo motorcycle trip to the Apostle Islands, near Bayfield, Wisconsin. I found a remote campground with nothing but an outhouse for amenities right on Lake Superior, hiked above the sea caves, took the Madeline Island Ferry...and spent quality ME time. I am a firm believer in solo travel and try to go somewhere solo a few times a year to get away from the chaos of the city, soak in the calming sights and sounds of nature, and just reset my soul. When I first started solo traveling, it was almost uncomfortable and an awkward feeling - and now I cherish solo exploration away from the hustle and bustle of "life". Nature has so much to offer, and it is all free. What more can I ask for? If you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking out the Apostle Island Sea Caves. There’s a killer trail starting at Meyer’s Beach (WI) that’s roughly 1.8 miles one way which brings you above the sea caves.  It was crazy to take in all of the sensations around me - I could

Sturgis 2021 - Indulging myself into the chopper world & Sasha's Cycles biker games!

As a motorcycle rider, I have a fond appreciation for any human who loves being on two wheels, no matter what 'kind' of two (or three) wheels they prefer and no matter what their reason for riding. Over the past year I have hung out with a more diverse motorcycle crowd - venturing out of my comfort zone and into the unknown world of choppers. I have always had mad respect for the chopper world - the creativity and art that goes into every single chopper is 100% impressive. To take an old bike and make it their own, with no two bikes the same, is a skill that not everyone has. Since dating ScooterTrash, who rides a 97 Heritage, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the bikes, more about the folks who ride them, and have a newfound appreciation for it all. Having a 'standard bagger', I (still) feel 'different' from the chopper crowd, but have learned that they are perhaps far more 'my people' than any other 'type' of biker I have met. They