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In Iowa, Christmas Trees are meant for shower decorations...😂😂😅😅😅

I have to start by saying.. I will likely NEVER act my age. I will forever be in my mid to upper 20's... and I will also be the first to say it!!! Adventure, riding, random roads, and the roads less traveled the better! You know how sometimes the least planned things are the most fun? My roomie was due to get her knee replaced, so naturally, on the LAST old knee weekend, it called for shenanigans! IF they are gonna take out a knee, might as well completely wreck it. So late Thursday night we were bs'ing about what she wanted to do for her last weekend of the old knee. My ideas were almost identical to hers - together our concrete list included: 1.) Going out of town somewhere 2.) Finding warm sunshine 3.) Riding the motorcycle (if a backrest was part of the deal) I texted a friend asking to use the backrest, she replied YES, and asked why. I gave her the rundown of our idea (VERY brief!) and she said she was IN! OK. That confirmed the three things on the list. But because

Let's go East. Wait, no, West. No destination, unlimited options!

If I had to pick between taking a planned vacation or just winging it, I choose winging it, hands down.  Last summer, I really wanted to go to West Virginia and  some the fun corners. I recruited Stiffy to go with me, literally days before - told her the plan was leaving at 6am, heading east. We met at the gas station and I check the radar... 70% chance of heavy rain and high flood potential every day for the duration of our trip. Screw that. I don't mind riding in the rain, but I don't want to spend 5 days in it if I don't have to. We gas up and I casually mention the sudden change in plans - and off we go west. Without even a hint of shock, Stiffy reached in her bag, and laughed as she handed me a plastic bag with papers inside. Iron Butt paperwork. Well, that upped the game - can't just let perfectly good paper go to waste! We hit the road at 7am - destination: East . West. There is NOTHING exciting, interesting, or fun between Minnesota and Montana besides tornado

Back to the Gym at 5/6am after taking a solid 2 year break.... #OUCH

I've been 'meaning' to rejoin a gym for awhile now... like over a year. But I have a lot of excuses on why I didn't or didn't feel the need to. When in reality, I have felt like a sloth in recent months, my pants are slowly getting tighter, and I just miss having muscle tone. So excuses are not as easy to come by. And the kicker to forcing me back to the grind of working out was that my leathers are a little snug. And no one wants to a) have to buy new leathers $$$$ or b) break in new leather when old leather fits just perfectly and is comfortable. So... it was time. Time to face the facts and get my arse back to the gym. I know that once I am back in the routine for a couple weeks, it would be routine. I used to the go the gym daily at 5am 5 days a week and loved it. But, now I am out of shape and used to waking up just shy of having to hustle out the door for work. This 'wake up at 4:30/5am thing was gonna be the worst part. The gym I joined is operated and