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"Bates motel was luxurious compared to this place" - Real Trip Advisor Review

  "Please for the love of all your worth, do not put yourself through such an experience. Bates motel was luxurious compared to this place," - A Real TripAdvisor Review. The Lemon Tree Motel - a spectacularly bright and cheery looking motel in the hills of NC. Bright green trees and colorful flowers in full bloom hanging over the curvy, pleasant, country roadway leading to the motel. A welcoming sign with more beautiful flowers as we pulled into the parking lot under the modestly cool sunshine of the day. One of the first days of the trip we parked the bikes before dark. Looking forward to relaxing with a cold drink in hand, we parked in front of the two story, happy shade of yellow, mom-and-pop motel. 6-8 rooms on each level with another 6 rooms in another single level section of motel through the grassy lawn just yards away from the main lot. Under the overhang of the second story was the office, noticeable only because the short set of steps from the parking lot