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Arkansas Southern Hospitality

Day 3 - (5/25/19) - After riding all day yesterday and playing in the sunshine it was back to camp to park the bikes for the night, relax, shower, and hit the nightlife in town. The second we pulled into camp, the locals (who sound like they stay there annually as many seem to know each other quite well) walked over to 'check in'. Where did we ride? What did we see? How are the bikes running? They were genuinely looking out for us all weekend.    It is always entertaining to be a girl who rides motorcycle in general. Add in 2 girls on bikes who are camping and suddenly we become almost infamous in a short period of time, or so it seems. It was great that the folks in the campground look out for one another and quickly took us under their wing. They also fed us. REALLY well. They offered up dinner as they were bbq'ing and said there was a ton of food. We accepted their offer and walked to the end of the campground where there was 10-15 people sitting around bs'ing

Scraping Floor Boards through Arkansas... with the Iowans right behind us!!

NW Arkansas Day 2 - MN vs IA Challenge: A little Arkansas, a little Missouri, and a LOT of corners!! We met the Iowan boys at breakfast the following day and while a couple of them were not feeling overly great due to imbibing a bit too much the night prior, they were all good sports and agreed to ride along with us. I said that I would try to take it easy, but this is not easy for me to do as I love to ride fast around corners, so if nothing else, if there was a turn to be made or a stop sign, I would wait to make sure we had everyone before cruising on.  So, with 5 bikes in tow, we headed west on 62 to Rock House Rd, which from the ‘outside’ looks like a simple little residential street with narrow paths and no center lines. I can only imagine what the guys thought of my route after turning off the main drag... "WTH is this little quiet residential street in the hills of ES going to lead to? How is this 'corner heaven'? Where is she taking us?" It quickly c

Arkansas Arrival: Tacos, Legends, and Iowans

After tooling around the Midwest all day 12 hours (MN-IA-MO-OK-AR) I got so caught up in the scenery that I forgot to eat all day. By the time I arrived in NW Arkansas, to Eureka Springs, I was certain I was about to die of starvation... . I did manage to remember to drink water as I have a cup holder on the bike.. < side note:  maybe I need to install a FOOD holder on it too as a friendly reminder to eat>  I met my friend at the local TACO place. I don’t even know the name of it – I just know that the restaurant is literally built into the rock cliff on the side of the main drag. Its ambiance is awesome – from the water flowing out of the rock on the backside, to the bar rail seating facing the main drag where motorcycles constantly purred up and down the streets, the Cathouse bar across the street which always has a good show of people, bikes, and shenanigans, and the main drag lively with pipes echoing off the old buildings are rock cliffs. Some people think of motor