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Sand, sunshine, and Quirky destination riding ~

Finally warm enough to ride without leather gear today!!! Lil riding, lil beach time~ biker style, sea shell picking, and quirky roadside stops! There is not a lot of great riding to be had in Florida.. sure the weather is usually awesome, but the roads are pretty straight! So when the roads aren't stellar for technical riding, you start finding random destinations or places to check out that are off the beaten path. My new fave app is a Quirky Roadside finder - anything from po-dunk places to eat to off the norm places to shop and random side stops that are funny... I am that person who looks up silly things to do .. mostly for the pictures!  My fave FL crew! I have been fortunate to say that this is my 5th annual Daytona Bike Week experience - I have met so many amazing people during bike week... they are truly the reason that I return! And every year I meet more cool and fun and interesting people.... it makes the 27 hour drive (one way) a bit more tolerable (*most of the

Daytona bike week~ sunny but chilly even for a MN girl!

Bike week is always a blast mostly because of the people I have met over the  years, but also stellar people watching!! Today was a day of riding, exploring, off-reading, and nightlife!!! Still waiting for they warm FL weather to show up! The band Hairball is a MN band and yet I’ve only ever seen them play in MN once...but outside of MN I’ve seen them several times and always put on s good show      Hairball at Broken Spoke  . Reflections of biker hair #dontcare   . When you see a dirt road called Gator Alley... you just have to turn!!!     Cool view and super peaceful! Pretty quiet road- one lone trucker went by and stopped to tell us about the “”good crab fishin back here”.. I think he wanted to see if we were crazy being back there on bikes  Can you tell I’m  a girl rider?? Lol .  . Sometime s I am amazed people follow me places Fearless road guards        Bikes  bikes bikes!  Elvis is a little rough for the wea