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Christmas in Thailand

'm kind of liking the whole 'go with the flow' lifestyle. I have no plans from place to place I simply wander to places that peak my interest-learned from either online reading or talking to others about where they have traveled. I would leave Pai and head back to Chiang Mai for Xmas. There, they were planning a Christmas dinner and party complete with a white elephant gift exchange. As I loaded the scooter that morning I found it a challenge to get the pack strapped into the seat without it moving around a lot. Using nothing but the straps that are on the pack I lifted the scoot seat, buckled my packs hip belt, shimied it over the end of the seat eventually getting it snug against the seat so I could latch it down. Then I took the packs shoulder straps and tucked them under the plastic shrowd above the brake light. Then I latched the shoulder/chest strap and tightened it preventing the pack from sliding side to side. A few quick tugs on the pack confirmed this would do. Sw

Turns out I am too old to stay in a party hostel...

Having returned to the hostel excited for an update to my own bungalow, I was deeply disappointed after getting my bungalow keys and entering the place. I am now overly assertive in my quest for a clean bed to sleep on, so when I entered the bungalow, the first thing I did was set my bags on the floor and pull back the sheets on the bed. I was immediately horrified when the first thing I saw was a little almost ant-looking creature scurry into the shadows from where I had lifted the sheet and had shone the flashlight. I continued to look under the sheet with intense fear and anxiousness building. As I lifted each corner of the sheet, I was more horrified.   There were bug carcasses, bug 'poop', and significant evidence of a lot of EW on the mattress. There was zero percent chance I could sleep there, let alone stay there. By now I was annoyed because I just wanted a shower and a place to lay my head without worrying about being bit by bugs in the mattress all night. I threw

Hiking Pai Canyon - aka the Grand Canyon of Thailand

I had such an amazing day exploring Pai Canyon, also referred to as the Grand Canyon of Thailand. The canyon is located just outside of town and is free to wander..The parking for motorbikes is also free. There are vendors around the area of the parking lot in which a person can get water or snacks. The walk started from the parking lot, up a wide lot of cement stairs - probably 100 in all. At the top of the wide stairs you come to a huge reddish-brown rock plateau in which you can see for several miles in all directions. Straight ahead is a trailhead for the canyon rim. It is fascinating to see the rim trail as it weaves around the area, jutting beyond tree lines and treetops. There are no signs, nor railings, nor guardrails on the Pai Canyon Trail. It is simply assumed you can SEE the dangers for what they are before setting foot on the canyon trail. I went to the canyon about 2 hours before sunset. On purpose. I wanted to hike around by daylight, see the sunset, and then hike out b