Bangkok nightlife ~ Khoa San Rd and Rooftop Bars

Bangkok has crazy opportunities for nightlife of every kind - clubs, dive bars, tourist bars, lady boy bars, local bars, and rooftop bars. I opted to go to Khoa San Road - aka Backpackers Party Street, a dive bar, and a rooftop bar. This trip is more about sightseeing than it has been about drinking, which is different for me, but still very entertaining!

Walking down to Khoa San Road

My first beer in Thailand

 Food vendors, clothing vendors, trinkets, tourist stuff and more.... so much going on and so much to look at!!!
Massages on the street

Tuk Tuks by night

Family of 4 on a scooter

 Lots of walking each day!

Khoa San Road by day - just as chaotic

Always late night food options - on our walk to the Rooftop bar

But first, dinner with the locals

Learning how to use these things again

No other 'common folk' on the streets...So the King's Ride lasted ALL DAY. And as we walked from dinner to the Rooftop bar, we found ourselves along the 'parade' route. We tried to get closer to the action a couple of different times - but were turned away by military guard stands blocking entrance to each street towards the main drag.  We found one that was empty of guards and walked to the main drag where THOUSANDS of bikers were flocking by. As we rounded the corner, we were amazed by the bikes and the people and the energy so late at night. And then we quickly realized that we were the ONLY PEOPLE on the street NOT in yellow shirts or members of law enforcement or the military. We were getting a LOT of stares and looks, but once we realized we were probably not supposed to be on this street it was too late and we were doing it. With all the looks towards us and then between military/LE folks, not a single soul told us or motioned for us to leave. So we kept going. And now we were laughing... we stopped to take a few pictures and kept going. At one point, the guard station folks even handed us a 'water free' - that was nice! But still no one said or motioned anything towards us. And at one point a couple of bikers turned to us to wave and say HELLO! Onward we go to the rooftop bar...

'Misguided Foreigners - tee hee tee hee'

And suddenly - we were nearing the rooftop bar area

Red Square Vodka Rooftop Bar - the views were BREATHTAKING

Infinity pool over the city

Happy Hour! 2-4-1's all vodka drinks $6.00.... 

 We had our drinks and headed out. We walked a TON today and my feet hurt so we cabbed back. Always an adventure to ride in any sort of taxi in Bangkok.... seatbelts always 'no work'... but I always try!

Really need to remember sunscreen

NO WONDER MY FEET HURT!  MILEAGE AND a blister the size of a baby carrot. Ow.

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  1. Finally, I see a beer. I was worried about you for a moment there. (laughing) The food looks really good. Isn't it also nice that you can walk anywhere at anytime and not have to worry about your safety? Can't do that here in our big cities. Until next blog! Take are.

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