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Sturgis 2021 - Indulging myself into the chopper world & Sasha's Cycles biker games!

As a motorcycle rider, I have a fond appreciation for any human who loves being on two wheels, no matter what 'kind' of two (or three) wheels they prefer and no matter what their reason for riding. Over the past year I have hung out with a more diverse motorcycle crowd - venturing out of my comfort zone and into the unknown world of choppers. I have always had mad respect for the chopper world - the creativity and art that goes into every single chopper is 100% impressive. To take an old bike and make it their own, with no two bikes the same, is a skill that not everyone has. Since dating ScooterTrash, who rides a 97 Heritage, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the bikes, more about the folks who ride them, and have a newfound appreciation for it all. Having a 'standard bagger', I (still) feel 'different' from the chopper crowd, but have learned that they are perhaps far more 'my people' than any other 'type' of biker I have met. They