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Motorcycle Life: Where to find people to ride with

When I first started riding, I would go out with my dad or my uncle when they were able to go. I really didn't have any friends that rode at the time and I had no idea where to find such friends. So I set out on a mission to find others to ride with. I love to ride solo, but its nice to be able to meet up and ride with friends too. - This is where I first found people to ride with. I simply searched 'motorcycles' and there were several groups that popped up. My first group ride was with the ShiftKickers. I knew no one. I had never ridden in a big group before. I didn't know what hand signals were. But I sucked it up and met them in the parking lot of Lowe's, scared out of my wits not knowing what to expect or who would be there. Heck, I didn't even know WHO to look for. Turns out, its pretty easy to spot bikers in a Lowe's parking lot! There were only 4 of us that day, but everyone was incredibly welcoming and supportive of a newbie joining

In the midst of the CoVID-19 crisis, here are time limited FREEBIES to check out!

With all that craziness happening in the world around us, it is hard to think of this time as beneficial, but in a way it CAN be. We just need to MAKE it beneficial by taking advantage of all the freebies available to us during this stressful time full of unknowns and hardships. Here’s some ideas for you, all FREE!    My personal favorites: All of the virtual tours, the Netflix Party with Friends, and the Ivy League Freebies. Happy reading!   ( All info pulled from a variety of internet searches, information not guaranteed accurate – check for yourself to confirm deals!) Broadway Plays and other Musicals/shows: – The Met Opera is streaming their shows free on Amazon, Roku, or through the app on Apple. To find online go to their site above, then select “Browse and Preview” to see what shows are offered and when. To find on the app, go to “Explore the App”. There is no sign in required and no cost. Live performances held at 6:30pm daily and are available for

CanAm and A Disabled Vet’s Nightmare

My dad, a disabled veteran and retired law enforcement officer, paid $24,445.19 for a 2019 CanAm Ltd on 6/21/19. Six days later, he broke down and the bike was in the dealer’s repair shop. He learned it would need a new motor due to factory defects. That was just the beginning of a summer lost. From oil issues to electrical issues to coolant issues to a muffler hanging on the axle bolt- the bike has given him nothing but trouble. From 6/21/19 to 10/30/19 - Of the 133 days he owned it, in which is was still riding season, the bike was in the repair shop for 83 of those days. The frame of the bike ended the season with only 4,753 miles. He drove 1,856 miles with the bike on a trailer to be fixed. So for every 2.56 miles he was able to ride, the bike required trailering 1 mile. My dad loves riding and has owned several bikes over the years. When he bought this bike, he was all smiles and so excited to have a new bike! But after only 218 miles, that smile turned to sadness and then anger -