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Arkansas Goat Bluff Trail ~ 7.36 mile hike with 550' Sheer Cliffs and amazing views

I was supposed to go to Tennessee for a Motorcycle event but after those who had gone in the past were unable to go this year, I debated between flying solo (which would have been fine) or going somewhere else (still solo).  I looked at a couple of maps for fun things to do and this picture, at midnight on Tuesday, secured my plan to go to Arkansas Wednesday morning bright and early (so I would get there in plenty of daylight, its only 11 hours).  Besides the photo, Goat Trail to Big Bluff hike immediately caught my attention with words like 'rugged hike', 'ledge trail', and 'not recommended if you dislike heights'.  Big Bluff, as it is accurately named, is 550 feet tall and is the tallest sheer bluff face between the Rocky Mountains and Apalachian Mountains. I HAD to see this in person.    Photo Courtesy of Aaron Bates from  (clearly a MUCH nicer camera than my old iphone) I started early in the morning to beat the heat of the day with my backpack of go