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The Tail x2; Moonshiners 28; TN-NC-GA-SC

Today in pictures as I am tired from riding and sweating and soaking in mad rain and drinking a few Yuengling at the end!!! Tail of the dragon 3 out of 3 is good!! Yee haw! Gotta love getting a little tail!  Feels like dragons fire!  No leftovers on teee of shame !  So.ida warning! Lunch stop and forget a card run!  These are our peeps! Dirt road detour! Rocking chair heavens! Bridal veil falls cool off! Georgia peaches suck. Still.  SC - bucket list check?!! Georgia's greeting like an ass  Homr  sweet home greeting  Rain in da boots  The LEMON DUD Tweedle Dee and meth face ~ 

Cherahola Parkway..103 degrees.. minimal traffic= stellar day in the Smoky Mtns!

We decided not to set unrealistic AM wake times today - after two hard days of riding in 95+ heat and sunshine, we were wiped out. We woke up, checked out maps, and got the bikes ready to roll out. I got a new GoPro last year - and this is the best place to use it - but to my dismay, the whole set up of the damn thing, like the mount set ups, had me all flustered right way so I skipped it. The mount system bewilders me everytime. So I am standing out by the black bike, on the black pavement, in the blazing sun, in a nook with zero wind. The sweat was literally pouring off my body and onto the GoPro case as I was trying to get it all set up. I could get the camera on the mount, but then it wouldn't rotate because the peg things (official term) were in the way. So then I added more extensions, but then the dumb thing would have flopped all over. So after a solid 12 minutes of trying to get it onto the mount and facing something other than the ground or my tire, I quit. I love the cam

Blue Ridge Parkway ~ Day 2 Danville, IL to Robinsville, NC

After falling asleep around 2 o'clock in the morning between thumper upstairs in a dog barking next-door and the light outside of our window flicking on and off constantly as well as wondering if our bikes are gonna be there in the morning we overall, slept fairly well. Woke up and it had just finished raining. Went outside and were pleasantly surprised that the motorcycles are still there, tires and all! It was only then that we noticed the signage in the parking lot that would've said it all had we seen it last night! And the fact that we parked next to a glass repair guy was ironic.  So last night as we were checking in and then unloading the bikes, there was a guy who came out and and sat in his truck with the window down. It took a couple of loads to get our bikes cleared out and the guy was still sitting there. I asked if he was there for work and he said yes, that he was currently on his 'second shift'. I asked where... and he said right there in th

Danville IL. Our first night 'home sweet home' partial hell

You may wonder why I didnt mention the details of last nights decisions. Well, here goes. We stopped in Champaign IL to switch into clears at a parking lot of a flooring place which was closed for the day. It was an empty parking lot. Until we rolled in. And then a black Mercedes car pulls straight into the driveway of the lot, and instead of turning to the left, where all the parking spots were located, she parked in the middle of the drive area, facing the back fence of the joint and did not move her head once, from side to side. That was weird. She just stared straight ahead while her foot remained on the brake pedal. Its like she didnt see us and didnt know what to do because there was a fence in her way. She sat in that position, with her car in D and her foot on the brake for a solid minute. I put my sunglasses back on to scope it out while Stiffy geared up. Turns out, "taking watch" will quickly become this trips theme. while the gal was acting really odd not moving h

Lake of the Ozarks #MERICA weekend

Bestie weekend at Lake of the Ozarks!!! We have gone to Apple River every year for the past few and decided our livers and minds needed something different. Our friends at Apple River are all of 22-26 years old, so us 'geezers' kept up damn well over the years! We just need a break from that escapade, and since Bestie has her MC license and a bike this year - we must roam! Kept an eye on the weather across the states before determining where we would go. I wanted twisty roads, bestie wanted a party at the end. Googled "Party lakes" and bam! There sat a photo of our soon to be destination. Lake of the Ozarks in central/southish MO. Weather:  80-95 degrees and sun. Perfect! Party zone? Check. Sunshine and heat? Check! Two besties getting out of state. WAY out of state. Unsupervised. YAY!!!!! This is bestie's first big trip and she has new luggage for packing. We were both running late to meet and get on the road. For a Friday of 4th of July weekend,