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Don’t bugs HURT? And other random gross facts about being a biker

Don’t bugs HURT? And other random gross facts about being a biker When I picture being a biker chick, I think of sunshine, loud music, the constant purrrrrrr of my pipes, and endless destinations. But its not always that perfect. Here’s a look at a few of the gross-er sides of being a biker, in no particular order! h Bugs. There are small bugs. Big bugs. Pretty bugs. And Ugly bugs. Fact is, when they hit my skin, they are all the same level of OUCH and EW. Sometimes they hit my fingers, and that usually really isn’t comfortable feeling. Sometimes they hit my face – not as often as you would think thanks to a windshield. Sometimes they hit my arm, and then, as though they are trying to fly ONE more time, the force of the wind as I roll down the highway forces the bug from the area in which it dive bombed me and leaves a skid mark (a mixture of guts and sometimes blood) all the way up my arm. Sometimes the carcass of the bug stays glued on my arm, further baked on to

Sturgis - Nightlife and other shenanigans!

After a fun day, its time to get off the bikes and play! We always take DA BUS - which is often a party in itself!! Our first stop is always the Dungeon Bar... There are somehere between 12-14 tables in the bar. Which is literally a dungeon - you walk down a narrow, dark flights of stairs into a poorly lit area, with a SUPER low hanging ceiling covered with dollar bills and underwear and bras, all signed by patrons over the years. And they NEVER remove stuff. My buddy has a beer can perched in the ceiling in the corner and every year he comes to Sturgis, he writes the year on the can. The bottom is now full so he will have to start wrapping the can in years of attendance. Stiffy and I don't do cans. We do tables. And we bring a new knife every year just for the Dungeon carving! People look at us both in fear and in awe as we give security hugs when we roll up, we strut down the narrow, dark stairs into the poorly lit, cave like bar, say hi to the wait staff that we have gott

More of Sturgis - Riding and Sightseeing

Part of the reason I love going to the Sturgis Rally is the people watching and the creativity that people put into their rides, even when 'trailering'. lOl This guys plates said "NoWife" and  "NoWyfe" LOL                                                         Riding Iron Mountain Twisties                                         Waiting our turn to go thru the one lane tunnels                                           Cool view of Mount Rushmore thru the tunnel                                        Stopping to check out the sights for a bit      - and of course dangling my feet off the edge   The boys chatting it up and people watching When security checks us out and yells "Nice Sweaters Ladies" as we don't blink an eye and keep walking upstairs.... only to realize what he meant when this sign was spotted (and also posted EVERYWHERE). He clearly didn't see us as threatening with our 'colors'.

This one time, I tried to outrun a hurricane on a Suzuki Boulevard M50 (803cc).. (fail)

 September 1st, 2016... I was in Flagler Beach, FL at 3:45pm. The Hurricane landed not even 12 hours later... at 1:30am. I did NOT outrun it. Oopsie. This picture on the left was taken 9-1-16 as I was leaving Flagler Beach on Suzi to outrun the hurricane.... The second half is Flagler Beach Pier after hurricane.. I decided to look back at my first blog post ever... I got the idea to start writing about my crazy adventures as I booked a flight to Florida to fetch my Suzuki Boulevard M50, which was semi-retired and being kept at my dear friends house off A1A in Florida. She was moving, so the bike had to come back to MN. And since I had spent the summer wandering and burning up vacation time, I was pushing my luck to fly there and ride back the 2,000 miles as quick as possible. There were 'storm' warnings for Florida and Georgia and coast all the week prior. Looking back, I realize how crazy the idea and the fact that I did it was. Because I learned a lot of things in th