Sturgis 2019 - Our Campgound and home away from home!

Sturgis 2019 - Another epic adventure west to Sturgis, SD for the 79th annual Motorcycle Rally is in the books! Fashioned with my trusty hot pink shirt, we hit the road for the 11 hour ride west.

Never fails, we always find ourselves dodging weather one way or the other!

Once upon a time there was only 2 exits into Sturgis. No big deal.. unless its Bike Week and there are over 500,000 people trying to get onto those two exits. A few years back a local told us of a backway into town, through roughly 9 miles of gravel. And rarely any traffic. While we dodged the rain that had just taken over the Black Hills before we got there, we did have to do a little mudding to get our destination. But there was no traffic! LOL

We rolled up to our camp, registered, said hi to all of our annual friends and rode off to our camp spot. Only to find people were already in it. We considered asking them to move, but figured that would be rude. We thought about being obnoxious neighbors to make them move. Again, that would be rude. So we settled on a spot near the usual set up. There's a TRAILER in our spot. :(

 There was no picnic table, and since the camp wasn't full yet, I walked across the street and drug one over to our spot. Turns out it was a good pick because it had our names on it from years past!! It was meant to be!  The names are a little weathered, but we were sure to fix that before leaving!
Picnic tables are a hot commodity in camp... they really serve a dual purpose... One: you can collect all your crap on it while back at camp. Kind of like a coffee table... on crack. Two: It's got health benefits. I can rest my feet/legs on it after a day of riding in the heat, so that by the time night falls, my cankles are back to a decent size and ready to walk! *While this picture may portray a different story, I AM wearing shorts. And boots. And no, those are not my pants on the ground next to the table. That's a totally different story :) 
Being on the main drag into camp has its ups and downs. We can people watch from camp after a long day of riding. But people also watch out for us. Camping in Sturgis is unique in that every single person is an instant friend - we all come with a common interest (motorcycles!) and we all watch out for one another and check in at the end of the day. By day 4 people know us well enough that we hear "I don't think the girls are up yet" as they walk by with intention of saying hello. Can't really hide much when sleeping in a tent, on the main drag, with two Victories parked front and center. They are unique bikes and tend to draw attention wherever they may roam.

I love our campground - the location is prime for people and bike watching. The same people camp there every year, the same people work there every year, its like a family reunion every August!