Sturgis - Nightlife and other shenanigans!

After a fun day, its time to get off the bikes and play! We always take DA BUS - which is often a party in itself!!

Our first stop is always the Dungeon Bar... There are somehere between 12-14 tables in the bar. Which is literally a dungeon - you walk down a narrow, dark flights of stairs into a poorly lit area, with a SUPER low hanging ceiling covered with dollar bills and underwear and bras, all signed by patrons over the years. And they NEVER remove stuff. My buddy has a beer can perched in the ceiling in the corner and every year he comes to Sturgis, he writes the year on the can. The bottom is now full so he will have to start wrapping the can in years of attendance. Stiffy and I don't do cans. We do tables. And we bring a new knife every year just for the Dungeon carving! People look at us both in fear and in awe as we give security hugs when we roll up, we strut down the narrow, dark stairs into the poorly lit, cave like bar, say hi to the wait staff that we have gotten to know thru the years, grab a beer, and have a seat at a table without our names, bust out ginormous knives and get to work. Clearly on a mission, we first carve, THEN we chat with people around us. Sometimes they chat, other times, they move tables. Its all good. The staff wait for us, the MN girls, to arrive and laugh to see what happens next.  And we always smile at the fact that year after year, you can clearly see FA and STIFFY carved brightly into the tables. People use sharpies all over the tables to sign their names, but for some reason, they NEVER color in our names. Go us!
This was NOT this years table! (neither of the FA's!)  (*STIFFY! Let's start adding in the years next time!!!*)

And the brave folks will ask what we are doing and join in. The boys were a little skeptical of us, then took out their *cute* pocket knives and started their own carvings. REALLY small ones (knives and carvings). We may have bantered them into going bigger for the carvings. And they look pretty badass but could use bigger carving utensils next time. I believe their parting words were "Holy S* we saw you girls and thought you look kind of badass, but didn't expect THIS."

Next stop is Broken Spoke where my buddy, who I met years ago at an Ice Fishing Contest (aka weekend long party on ice), works each year. He travels for the bar from bike rally to bike rally.  The girls in the long lines, with their 'hair done and makeup perfect' just wait as we (haggard from the days ride, but with fresh deodorant on) strut up like we are VIP.  It's a trip to watch the people line up to get drinks from either him or Diana - lines are 4-7 people long and I just yell a secret code word, he turns around, and poof! We have drinks and pictures first thing. NO wait. We get the look of "How do THEY know him/her?" On the off season, I am not allowed to post pictures of him LOL (You're Welcome Sloan)!!
                              Throngs of people, yet here we are behind the bar lol - love these two!

By far the best reason for returning to Sturgis every year? The AMAZING friends we have met along the way - its an annual reunion I never miss out on!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these boys!! Some of the first people we met in Sturgis, years ago. And always a blast to catch up and ride a little!

It's funny how I can meet a person (wherever), and no matter how little time is spent chatting, they are usually life long friends. Motorcycling is such a great world!! (Like this guy who is from Nevada - we met years ago at a backstage Quiet Riot show in Sturgis - and were both in town again for the Rally. Was fun to reconnect!)

A little after hours campground fun

In case, at the end of the day, you get tired....

And when it comes time to go home.... sometimes life just feels rough. I had to bring my cooler a mile down the gravel road to our friends who were going to bring it home for us... and I just couldn't make myself walk it over. We stayed up WAY too late the night before, I woke up way late due to failure in plugging in my charger to BOTH ends (the phone AND charger...), and I was feeling haggard, with a looming 12 hour ride ahead.... So I made due.
Well... at least the tires didn't take a beating :)


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