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Sturgis 2020: Impound Lots, Tornado damage, Horses in Bars, and Sock Fires!

The crowds were definitely lessor this year - from the traffic, to the rides, to the gas pump lines... it was noticeably slower. Don't get me wrong, there were still several thousands of people, but not as much as expected, especially if it had been an average year - the 80th would have been stupidly packed! *Disclaimer: Yes, I went to Sturgis. No, I did not wear a mask. Yes, I did quarantine upon returning home - I live solo and work from home. No, I am not here to start a debate about Coronavirus.*  Summary of Sturgis 2020:  Riding, Impound Lots, Tornado damage, and Sock Fires! This was the BEST weather year I have ever experienced during the rally. Its the first year I didn't get hailed on, down poured on while riding, or nearly struck by lightning while dodging back to camp. And temps were perfect in the upper 80's. Camp was quieter than usual. Lots of shade options! Deadwood was busy as usual - we stopped one morning for breakfast and then tried to avoid the town from

On the Road to Sturgis with Karma right beside us: A curb jumping, bug killing, Dumb & Dumber adventure...

 Sturgis 2020 - what an odd year it has been with the CoVid pandemic and all the hoopla that it has brought with it. I was unsure of what to expect at Sturgis Rally this year - it was the 80th, but a lot of headliner bands had pulled out due to CoVid and I heard mixed reviews from fellow riders on whether they were still going to attend. I went because I hate feeling like I am missing out.  I took some precautions, but probably not as many as I should have. The bonus is that I live alone and work from home, so quarantining after the fact is not an issue at all.  Naturally, the boring 12 hour ride out there wasn't as boredom filled as it should have been!  We were going a hair faster than we should have been and had just passed a slower (but still speeding) bike when I saw the light bar. I knew it was already too late. The officer WHIPPED a U turn before I could say 'Oh Crap' to myself, but since he had already clocked me, I just kept going - and slowly let off the gas a sti

Triple Nickel Route 555 in Ohio - one of the most technical roads I have ever ridden!

 Ohio 555- The Triple Nickel. One of THE best roads I have ever ridden!! It was full of technical riding from sharp 90 degree turns to inclines that I couldn't see the thru until I was on top of it, at which time the road would do a sharp veer from whatever direction I had been going uphill, to the opposite direction. But I couldn't gauge which way the road was going to go like other twisty roads - because I wouldn't see any lines at the crest of the hill. I liked 555 better than the back of the dragon - the back of the dragon was really fun, and quite challenging, don't get me wrong, but the Dragon allows you to get into sort of a cornering rhythm - and you can see which way the road is going to go next. Absolutely not true with Ohio 555!! Just when I thought I was in the groove of cornering, the Triple Nickel had me turning QUICKLY with zero warning, which is why I think it was far more technical riding than I have done in the past. While I was ear to ear smiles at th

Riding in the UP with my dad

My dad and I did our annual father-daughter motorycle trip in June of this year. He had just gotten his new bike, so instead of going somewhere SUPER far away, we stuck closer to MN so he could get used to the bike and break it in slowly. We headed for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We had no plans, no reservations, we were just winging it!  Riding near lakes is my favorite - water is just so peaceful!! And in late June, even Lake Superior and Lake Michigan had decent temps (to ride near... I didn't brave swimming in either). There are a ton of pullouts along the lakes - this one was in Chocolay, MI and the beach was sugar sand!   Me and my Dad Headed south/east, just before Munising, MI is a 'Lookout' sign. The views from the top were well worth the sidetrack!!  My dad's new ride!  I love riding in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. I wouldn't want to live here though - I don't like winter enough! And in the middle of summer, I don't want to have a rem

Setting a fashion statement on 2 wheels - Gypsy Biker Chick style! Lol

Fashionable is not a word that is ever used to describe me, and I am perfectly OK with that! I have found that with a love of riding I just have to be OK with whatever dorky look I have that day. I dress for the weather and sometimes the weather kicks my butt. Here are some examples of my various fashion statements while riding on 2 wheels across the country: HEAT Fashion: When I pack in a hurry at midnight the night before a trip... and I pack CAPRIS for my clean pair of jeans. I had worn the same jeans for 2.5 days in nasty 100 degree temps, so they were starting to crawl. That is when I took out the clean jeans and realized my debacle.  Needless to say, the capris did not work out so well on the bike. The tiniest little rock HURTS when it impales the shin at 70 Mph!! Heat brings on a whole new perspective - I love heat!! But when I ride, I wear jeans. And that includes when I stop to walk around/hike/sightsee. So while the rest of the world is in shorts and a tank top, there I am (w