Triple Nickel Route 555 in Ohio - one of the most technical roads I have ever ridden!

 Ohio 555- The Triple Nickel. One of THE best roads I have ever ridden!! It was full of technical riding from sharp 90 degree turns to inclines that I couldn't see the thru until I was on top of it, at which time the road would do a sharp veer from whatever direction I had been going uphill, to the opposite direction. But I couldn't gauge which way the road was going to go like other twisty roads - because I wouldn't see any lines at the crest of the hill. I liked 555 better than the back of the dragon - the back of the dragon was really fun, and quite challenging, don't get me wrong, but the Dragon allows you to get into sort of a cornering rhythm - and you can see which way the road is going to go next. Absolutely not true with Ohio 555!! Just when I thought I was in the groove of cornering, the Triple Nickel had me turning QUICKLY with zero warning, which is why I think it was far more technical riding than I have done in the past. While I was ear to ear smiles at the end of the 63 mile 'motorcycle challenge course', I definitely had some beads of sweat from focusing so hard! It was EPIC!!!!!

(Pic taken from Google - I didn't take many pics on the way - I didn't dare take my hands off the bars for most of it!)

We rode it south to north - into the sunset - which made it just that much more technical of a ride! 

One of the unassuming curves - it appears that it will be a sweeper to the right. Until I got to the top and BAM! HARD left turn. 

A rare minute to breath, take in the sights, and loosen the grip!,+Ohio/@39.5578595,-81.9596469,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x884822757368b769:0xcf9c2922bab613af!8m2!3d39.5578595!4d-81.9574582