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Winner, winner...!! Shout out to Simply Street Bikes!! Season (quick) recap 10/7/17

I joined a mileage competition back in May thru Simply Street Bikes - a kick ass shop in Eden Prairie -  in which every month I had to log in my mileage with a picture of my odometer. I started putting receipts in the forefront with a date stamp as I (not to sound egotistical) had an inkling that A) no one would otherwise believe that I (a GIRL) would ride as much as I do.. and B) for my own recognition of holy shit... is that for real? Which is what I often ask myself when calculating out mileage. I honestly don't know how it adds up so fast!!! All of my jaunts seem so 'little' - then again, I am apparently skewed in thinking as if someone were to say "Let's just go to Arkansas for a weekend" response would be OK! We can get there in a day! And before dark!!! Let's roll! I forget that not everyone has a messed up vision of distance as me :) Anyways... back to the mileage competition.... Due to my boss retiring, I was able to take a butt load of vaca