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A massive pothole, a bent rim, and a colorful adventure in finding a hotel in Macon, GA

Leaving Daytona Bike Week we headed north towards our truck and trailer. We got a late start out of Daytona - mostly because we didn't want the sun and shenanigans to end, but also because of late nights turned into early mornings. We met the boys in town at the 'campground' they were staying at - soaking up every last ray of wonderfully warm sunshine we could before having to hit the road.  The riding in Florida is boring, at best. While there are some amazing ocean views and a handful of fun roads, the majority of Florida is kind of like Nebraska, only with nicer weather and prettier trees and flowers. No offense, Florida. Running low on energy, low on sleep, and high on adrenaline from the crazy short time spent in Florida, we were somewhat happy to get some open road ride time - versus stuck in traffic, at red lights, while holding in the clutch with the left hand, and trying to soak in all that was happening around us. Sometimes, hitting the gas and hearing the sweet s

Daytona Bike Week 2021

 Whenever you are out seeking or causing shenanigans, stay within these rules and all will be well!  "Stay out of the ditch, the hospital, and jail. If I go to jail, establish dominance quickly and have a bail money buddy waiting on the other side." Fortunately, none of those things happen - therefor, Daytona was a success!!!  Daytona Bike Week was a whirlwind of a good time, once again! It never seems like enough time and the little time spent goes way too fast.   The drive from Minneapolis to Daytona Beach is 24 hours (of just drive time). That combined with the unstable ways of Mother Nature in March in MN, Scootertrash, Stiffy, and I decided to load the bikes into a T WORD (trailer) and head to Chattanooga, where we met up with the 4 th person in our group, Miller.  But first, we made a REALLY quick stop in Nashville - we had exactly one hour to spend there before the bars closed (Yep- bars close before midnight these days in Nashville...quite a contrast to their usual 4