Daytona Bike Week 2021

 Whenever you are out seeking or causing shenanigans, stay within these rules and all will be well!  "Stay out of the ditch, the hospital, and jail. If I go to jail, establish dominance quickly and have a bail money buddy waiting on the other side." Fortunately, none of those things happen - therefor, Daytona was a success!!! 

Daytona Bike Week was a whirlwind of a good time, once again! It never seems like enough time and the little time spent goes way too fast.  The drive from Minneapolis to Daytona Beach is 24 hours (of just drive time). That combined with the unstable ways of Mother Nature in March in MN, Scootertrash, Stiffy, and I decided to load the bikes into a T WORD (trailer) and head to Chattanooga, where we met up with the 4th person in our group, Miller. 

But first, we made a REALLY quick stop in Nashville - we had exactly one hour to spend there before the bars closed (Yep- bars close before midnight these days in Nashville...quite a contrast to their usual 4-5am closing!). We spent the hour at Robert's - we even scored a table!

The next morning we trailered the rest of the way to Chatanooga, where we ditched the trailer, met up with Miller and rode the rest of the way to Daytona. Yes, the 4th guy RODE all the way from North Dakota – where he hit 19 degrees and his water jug froze solid. When he met up with us and it was 50 degrees, I was being a freeze baby – but tried to put on my tough face after hearing what he had just rode through lol. While we all traveled together, we all had our own agenda’s and planned to “see you when we see you”.  The next morning, Stiffy and I took off in the morning to try to dodge some weather and arrive in Daytona in daylight. The boys, however, slept in and didn’t leave until 1pm – they hit rain and didn’t arrive in Daytona until 3am – then ended up sleeping under a pickup truck in the mud – while Stiffy and I slept all cozy and warm at our friend’s house. I am adventurous, but after all that driving and riding, I appreciated a warm bed and roof over my head! Below: The boys' "roof over their heads" on the first night (white truck)

Through the course of the week, Stiffy and I rode several hundred miles, we saw a ton of old friends, made some new friends, saw a lot of great bikes, watched some good shows, some not so great shows (no offense David Allen Coe….), and of course, the people watching was epic!  

Broken Spoke Saloon

                       Hairball and Miss Intent - they each put on a great show every year!
                                            A touristy meander to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Iron Horse Saloon - a great stop while in Daytona!

 As always, there is free beer at Iron Horse Saloon every day during bike week from 4-5pm. Precisely the same time that David Allen Coe plays every day.... And so my favorite FL friends and I get together to watch the show every year, right around the same spot and at the same place. Like clockwork!  (Pic of DAC taken courtesy of Iron Horse Saloon)  
DAC on stage - the sound of pipes and the smell of exhaust, beer, and sweaty bikers!

Daytona Bike Week is the one time I don't always make it to the beach/ocean - which is sad, considering I am in Florida in March and from MN!

Met up with The Ornery One & The Ornery Squaw - always a blast seeing them!

Annual Boot Photo

Riding with the Boys
 All the bikes @ The Cabbage Patch

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