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A Harley guy and a Victory Girl in Key West - Scooter Shenanigans!

  We lucked out with the minivan idea, finding a place to call home (Boyd’s campground), and having amazing weather gods looking after us. We woke up the next day ready to explore the Keys on 2 wheels. We found a rental place that delivered the scooters directly to our campground – and one scooter was only $50 for 24 hours – what a steal! We got our two identical twin scooters delivered right outside of our minivan.  The guy dropping them off said “There is plenty of gas for 24 hours…” to which Scootertrash and I side glanced at each other and laughed, thinking…” You underestimate us buddy…”.  We then asked a gal how far Key Largo was – she said, “Only a couple hours”, then we added in, “On a scooter.” With an “are you kidding” look, the gal said “No.” And then laughed at us. We hit the road on our little scooters. At the 2 nd red light,  Scootertrash and I looked at each other and had one thing on our mind: “I am totally going to crush you when this light turns green.” To prove our ‘

A Harley guy and a Victory Girl in Key West - playing on scooters and living in a minivan: Part One!

A Harley guy and a Victory Girl in Key West - playing on scooters and living in a minivan: Part One!  In the midst of the MN winter, I get ancy. Ancy to ride, ancy to feel fresh (WARM) air in my face, ancy to travel. If there is nothing else positive about the CoVid situation, at least there is dirt cheap airfare! It was midnight and a good friend, Scootertrash, messaged me saying he had spent a lot of time in the FL Keys. Having never been to the Keys, the conversation escalated from that to, "We should go there sometime!".  Fast forward a couple of days and I threw out some dates that would work for me in February. He replied, "I could go this weekend!" So there I was, on a random Thursday, looking at and booking flights to FL. And two days later, we were hopping a plane to Fort Lauderdale, destination: Florida Keys. We each checked a bag- I threw in  a tent and sleeping bag just in case and he had a military looking bedroll in tow. The trip started about as crazy

Roadkill Cafe Part 2 - A seemingly close call with a 1943 Walter P38 handgun

   Half of the fun of riding motorcycle is the random places I find and the interesting people I meet. Part 2 of our stop at Road Kill Cafe in PA - not only was the place interesting, the older gentleman we met as we were leaving cemented the place in our memory for life!   As we started walking out of the Roadkill Cafe in Pennsylvania, an older gentleman, maybe 80-85 years old, tall, thin, dressed in black pants and a blue button down shirt with pends hanging out of the pocket, stopped Stiffy and excitedly put his hand on her shoulder and told us of how bummed his wife was going to be that she missed seeing us (Stiffy).   Stiffy kindly said that he must be mistaking her for someone else as we were not from the area, but the older gentleman was adamant that Stiffy was indeed friends with his wife, who could not come there today because she was ill. Again Stiffy said he must be mistaken and we continued to walk outside. The older gentleman followed and stopped Stiffy in the middle of th