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2 girls, 2 wheels & a Clutch cable roadside repair…done in minutes! A Victory/Indian must have!

Image  Mark this website in your favorites and you will thank yourself at a later date! It’s gonna happen…that moment when you are cruising at highway speeds, and you go to shift gears on your Victory motorcycle, but all you feel is zero resistance and the clutch lever just flops loosely as you desperately try to “get it to work”…all while also trying to figure out what’s happening, maintain an upright position, keep an eye on traffic around you, and then the terror strikes. You suddenly realize just how defenseless you are in that moment. And your next thought is realizing if you slow down to pull over, and you are in a higher gear, your bike will sputter and spit until it reaches an abrupt moment where it just can’t go on…and you will try your best to avoid tipping over as the engine dies in whatever gear it was last in. And then - literally whatever spot the engine stops, is precisely where you will be parked for the duration of the fix. That whole scenario takes

Cold weather riding gear & a couple of redneck hacks to stay warm this early spring!

 A lot of people hang up their motorcycle keys once temps get into the 40's. Those people are kind of smart. I, however, choose to ride until Mother Nature makes it physically impassable to do so, aka snow falls and stays on the ground. In order to ride when its in the teens, 20's, 30's, or even 40's, there is some gear that is a necessity to try to keep remotely warm while riding. And thanks to this gear, I have only gotten frostbite once while riding motorcycle. And to be honest, I doubt ANY cold riding gear would have spared my fingers from riding 70mph in temps of NINE (9) degrees. Yeah, that was stupid. But I was on a mission..... I WAS going to ride to Daytona!! (NOT this year!!) And naturally, it had been in the 50's the week prior, aka when I decided I was going to ride there. Anyways - here is my GO TO cold riding gear!  <--- In Iowa, on way to Daytona years ago. It eventually hit 32 degrees (in NASHVILLE)!!! All the gear in the world, but there is no so