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March 15-20, 2017 - MN to Daytona Beach; No Trailers Allowed!

 Here it is, April in Minnesota and I already have 5,100 miles on this year! I don't know where time went or how that happened!    Started out the riding season just putzing around Central MN - there was still quite a bit of sand on the roads in February, so cornering was slow and cautious to say the least. Eager for an amazing riding season and only 33k and change - my bike is still a baby!!  I have been fortunate/spoiled in the last few years, to have my first motorcycle in FL to use at my leisure. While I tried not to take that for granted, this was the first year of not having that luxury, therefore going to be the first year I miss Daytona Bike Week in ?? years. I was brainstorming ways to make it all work, but reality is, March in MN is not a personality to mess with! Well, a little over a week prior to Daytona week, the boy and I were out riding in 60 degree MN weather, when I mentioned that I was bummed to miss out on FL this year, and he said what I had been secretly th