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"Let's ride to Mama Tried Milwaukee, in December!!!" Follow us for more adulting ideas!!!

Mama Tried Motorcycle show was postponed in 2020 due to CoVid so they held it in December 2021 instead. Stiffy and I were pumped because as the date got closer for our first Mama Tried show, Mother Nature in MN was being very gracious with its upper 40's forecast. Not wanting to be BORED and trapped in a vehicle, we decided we would ride from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, in December. Go ahead and shake your head ~ I get that alot!!!  Stiffy and I headed to Cycle Gear (the night before we were leaving)  to upgrade our heated gear in preparation of the ride from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, a little over 5 hours and then went and grabbed a beer to celebrate our great plan. Celebration quickly turned to pouting as soon as I woke up. Stiffy messaged, "I hate to be the voice of reason, but check out the forecast for Sunday."  Naturally, my response was a meme of someone with their fingers wedged deep into their eyes, wearing a blindfold, whistling.   But then, "adulting" a