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Sunday Funday - Twisties and Peer Pressure

Sunday Funday time!!  Time to ride north for a change and PLAY on some serious twisty roads!!! 76 is one of my fave roads in the US!! And, they started repaving it in May when I was here.. and in June it was almost done... so I was SO stoked when I heard it was DONE!!! So the route brought us west on 62 out of Eureka - also a fun ass road. To some road in which I missed the turn (weird), up to 90 just east of Jane. 90 is a twisty fun narrow farm road too. Pretty much every road around Eureka is AMAZEBALLS!! We get to the turn off of 76... and I looked back at the girls, gave what I imagine to be an evil grin, the GO flags waved in my eyes and I was GONE cranking the throttle. There are so many chevrons its ridiculous. Thirteen chevrons to the left, and no space before the chevrons point right. Over, and over, and over, an over... on a freshly paved road!!! HEAVEN!! I was going far faster than I probably should have been, but I have ridden the road so many times I was semi familiar

Saturday BBBQ Rally~ recovery, riding, and unexpected evening shenanigans

After getting home around 430 this morning it was difficult to get out of bed. And by bed I mean off the couch that I slept in - in a house with no air conditioning and  91° with the dewpoint of 68 at 10:30 in the morning.  We decided to walk to breakfast at the local church where we stopped last year and had the most amazing free breakfast ever. We walked all the way there and discovered that we had already missed it. They ended serving breakfast at 10 AM and it was after that. On our way out we did manage to get a banana and a bag of chips, and also spiel from the Baptist church minister.  Let's just say I don't think that was enough to save any of us. And to top it off one of the girls decided to point out the fact that he was wrong when he said you can only realize the need for 'being born again thru Christ' once.  I can't remember the exact words, but she did manage to make him stutter a bit. Yet no breakfast to be had. Next up we walked down the main drag,

Friday @ BBBQ Bike Week ~ pure chaos and shenanigans!

We rode all day - playing in the sun and the wind. Did a little back reading, a little hiking, and a little cliff hanging, then headed home to shower and roll out.  Mount Magazine  Cliff hanging Twisty roads!!  More fun roads and blue skies!  For a senior class fundraiser?? We do it wrong in the north!!!  95 degrees with dew points in the low 70's = sweaty but not to be missed opportunity!   We just washed the bikes last night  at a nearby hotel which had a hose and wash bucket laying out waiting for us!  Then we headed to Dickson Street, where  we managed to find a free place to stay (thanks to friends and nice guys) and started walking the street to look at the bikes and people watch. We managed to find a rooftop patio bar rail right away and eventually made room for all of us to sit up high and watch the shit show ensue. Nothing beats watching people show off by doing stupid things on bikes that they would never be successful at. The amount of

Thursday - Eureka Springs time to play~

Riding day! Rode to the top of mount magazine and all sorts of twisties there and back. Amazing views and great company all day!  Classy  look Rode the Ozark Scenic Byway including the Pig Trail And a little cliff hanging action for my mom ;) Minimal traffic and lots of corners and lots of sun. Great day and great views. Had lunch at a little barn stop in middleOf nowhere - cats running around everywhere , random Mosh mash of outdoor furniture.  Amazing ginormous  tacos. Cute place.  Attempted nightlife- super drunk walking people - we were far too sober apparently. Walked to one local bar- super smoky, had a beer and kept walking. Hot and humid.    Made it over s mile down and called sheila and no answer. Got all the way down to old down town and found a bar that was busy but young and not my crowd. Turned and walked all the way back up the 1.8 mile hill (literally all uphill). Billowing