Thursday - Eureka Springs time to play~

Riding day! Rode to the top of mount magazine and all sorts of twisties there and back. Amazing views and great company all day!

 Classy  look

Rode the Ozark Scenic Byway including the Pig Trail

And a little cliff hanging action for my mom ;)

Minimal traffic and lots of corners and lots of sun. Great day and great views.

Had lunch at a little barn stop in middleOf nowhere - cats running around everywhere , random
Mosh mash of outdoor furniture. 
Amazing ginormous 
tacos. Cute place. 

Attempted nightlife- super drunk walking people - we were far too sober apparently. Walked to one local bar- super smoky, had a beer and kept walking. Hot and humid.  Made it over s mile down and called sheila and no answer. Got all the way down to old down town and found a bar that was busy but young and not my crowd. Turned and walked all the way back up the 1.8 mile hill (literally all uphill). Billowing sweat from every pore by the time we got home as it's hot and humid. Naturally we took time to play a little during the walk! 

Got home and did laundry like normal people do at 3am!

Drinking fun DT Eureka