Friday @ BBBQ Bike Week ~ pure chaos and shenanigans!

We rode all day - playing in the sun and the wind. Did a little back reading, a little hiking, and a little cliff hanging, then headed home to shower and roll out.

 Mount Magazine 

Cliff hanging

Twisty roads!!

 More fun roads and blue skies! 

For a senior class fundraiser?? We do it wrong in the north!!!

 95 degrees with dew points in the low 70's = sweaty but not to be missed opportunity! 

 We just washed the bikes last night  at a nearby hotel which had a hose and wash bucket laying out waiting for us! 

Then we headed to Dickson Street, where  we managed to find a free place to stay (thanks to friends and nice guys) and started walking the street to look at the bikes and people watch. We managed to find a rooftop patio bar rail right away and eventually made room for all of us to sit up high and watch the shit show ensue. Nothing beats watching people show off by doing stupid things on bikes that they would never be successful at. The amount of mullets and crocs and shirtless overalls on bikes was almost overwhelming. Yeah, its super hot and humid out but...

 Random sign while walking home at 5am...

 Bikes, blues, and BBQ!! 2017!  Should be BBBBQ.. but that's for another day! 

We found some awesome bars, met some fun people, have phone numbers for new rally friends, and had a fun, drunken, shenanigan filled evening!!! Not all Pictures do justice and or cant  be shared here ;)