9-18-17 Durango to San Juan Skyway to 4 Corners and beyond

Left Durango to ride San Juan Highway - I dont know why I was expecting a pretty drive, but there was nothing scenic about it. We were blasting 85 mph across the middle of nowhere land to get to the Four Corners, just to say we were there. $5 a person, we parked and walked around the little booths with stuff for sale. They had cute handmade stuff, but once we saw five booths, they all looked the same. We took pics in the middle of the 4 states, bought a sticker for our helmets and meandered out.

We stopped at all of the state signs before heading towards Albuquerque.

Another LONG boring drive. At one point, I was gunning the gas at the last stop light in a town and suddenly, Shelly was missing. I pulled over to wait, which felt like forever, and no Shelly to be found, Just as I turned around, she was coming up on the other side. Turns out she hit a huge sewer grate, which was way father into the road than it should have been, and POOF! Her phone went flying out of the Ram Mount and across all lanes of traffic, hitting the median before its final resting place. Shelly had to pull over, run across all lanes of traffic, thinking she was going to find her phone smashed into the usual million pieces, but miraculously, her phone survived without so much as a scratch! Super happy she purchased the upgraded Otterbox case which was the only reason she still has a phone in one piece!! Naturally, its not a complete trip unless she breaks a phone or I lose one!

The next several hundred miles felt like forever. But, it was HOT and sunny finally!! We stopped for gas at one point to wake up a little and I made the mistake of checking FB. Well, someone on the riding group posted about Victory having their 75% off sale... so, that was by far THE most expensive gas stop I/we have ever had. $250 later, we were back on the road to nowhere!

 Nothingness.s.. for a LONG time! 

This little dandelion from the ex-boys kid has lasted 4+ months and over 15,000 miles! Tough guy! 

 A taste of salt flats

 Sun goes down and it gets really cold quick! 

 Just riding along...

Then to AZ and NM to start heading east for Arkansas. Underestimated time in which that would all take, wound up just out of Albuquerque. At the  Super 8 in Morierty NM. We were so Exhausted we decided on  no dinner, and instead lounged and went to sleep!

 I spy...!!!

 A gas stop with a random horse in the yard next door