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How I survive winter ~ shenanigans and creativity!

Some people have asked how people survive the MN winters... well, in order to survive AND come out a relatively happy human, creativity is key!!! I/we go snow tubing We complain of the drive times We go snowmobiling We go cross country skiing We go on girls road trips We have brunch and drinks with 'famous' people lol - Tom Kramer, MN Viking We sign a napkin FOR famous people to keep We go to the  'Eel Pout Fishing Festival' We watch snow fall We watch or play eel pout curling on the frozen lake We get a little crazy We grab plastic lawn chairs, place them on metal trailers, hook it up to the four-wheeler, and we go for rides! We survive driving through blizzard warnings We do HOCKEY!!!!! We do more girls nights We take pictures of the massive, record snow fall piles everywhere I dream of warmer places We tour ice castles lit up on the frozen lake We watch comedy to laugh

First Day of Spring, temps are in the 40's, snow is melting slowly... RIDING TIME!

While I am still not done posting stuff from my 2 month solo backpacking trip to SE Asia, I am skipping ahead a bit to the best thing in life (aside from travel).... MOTORCYCLING! While I was gone (December-January).. the MN Winter proved to be quite tame in comparison to normal. The temps were above average, the snowfall below average. I literally flew home and was greeted in evil ways by February in MN. Old man winter was apparently also on vacati on until February, because come February, MN saw WAY WAY WAY below average temps... record breaking COLD. That was quickly followed by snow. And more snow. And more snow. And more snow..... Record cold temps and Record snowfall was how February greeted my return. Talk about seriously depressing!!! Then there was Daytona Bike Week... I have gone the last 6 years. And this year was just not meant to be, not due to lack of a serious valiant effort, however. Mother Nature just had a detour in my plans :(    Before hard core riding starts

SE Asia Packing List Recommendations

Backpacking 2 months in SE Asia Here are the things I packed that were BY FAR the best choices: - Anti Chafe - for feet, for shorts, for anything that could, would, or did rub - Ziploc bags - just a few empty ones. Came in handy for toting around sunscreen in my purse, etc. - Campers Toilet Paper - SUPER compact TP that fit in my purse and 2 rolls lasted me 2 months. - Sleeping Bag liner sheet - more hostels and hotels that you could imagine do not provide a top sheet. You just get a bottom sheet and some form of a blanket (I had down comforters, towel blankets, fleece and everything in between). - Q Tips... for the ears, for electronic ports that get dirty, you name it. -Spork (for camping) - because you don't always get utensils here, even with take away food (as they call it). And the little plastic 'spoos' you sometimes get? They HURT to eat off of as they have jagged edges and are a super awkward shape. - Caribeaner - I just hung one off my day pack &#

A little self reflection for 2019 (post from 1-1-19)

 1-1-19   Its funny how a matter of a few weeks had changed me. I think back to all the things I found 'odd' or 'disgusting' when I first arrived in SE Asia and laugh because it all seems so normal now.  I packed a ton of hand sanitizer because I had heard and read that there are rarely sinks or if there are there's no running  water  and or soap. The first week I used hands sanitize like life depended on it. Now I couldn't tell you where it is.  The idea of a squat toilet just made my stomach cringe. Squat toilet: there's no seat and no tank attached- just the bowl . You literally squat over it and then reach into a giant tub of water that has a bucket in it. You grab a full bucket and pour it in the toilet bowl. The end. Granted the whole 'grab the bucket that EVERYONE else had touched after using a toilet and then rarely having a sink, let alone soap to use, still gets me from time to time... But not nearly like it did at first. (Side note: I wil