SE Asia Packing List Recommendations

Backpacking 2 months in SE Asia

Here are the things I packed that were BY FAR the best choices:

- Anti Chafe - for feet, for shorts, for anything that could, would, or did rub

- Ziploc bags - just a few empty ones. Came in handy for toting around sunscreen in my purse, etc.

- Campers Toilet Paper - SUPER compact TP that fit in my purse and 2 rolls lasted me 2 months.

- Sleeping Bag liner sheet - more hostels and hotels that you could imagine do not provide a top sheet. You just get a bottom sheet and some form of a blanket (I had down comforters, towel blankets, fleece and everything in between).

- Q Tips... for the ears, for electronic ports that get dirty, you name it.

-Spork (for camping) - because you don't always get utensils here, even with take away food (as they call it). And the little plastic 'spoos' you sometimes get? They HURT to eat off of as they have jagged edges and are a super awkward shape.

- Caribeaner - I just hung one off my day pack 'just cause'. Turns out I used it far more than I would have imagined. I could dangle a lot of stuff off that thing!

- Flex Ties - they are like a twist tie only coated in rubber, much thicker, and can grab onto any cord, headphone, or other items you wanted to keep together nicely. I used one around my phone chargers, one around my headphones, one for the computer charger...

- Electrolyte packets. MAJOR lifesaver. The few times I was dehydrated, I quickly realized the signs and everyday I added one electrolyte packet into my water. Knock on wood, never had a head issue since (dizzy, lightheaded, headache, shaky...)

- Reusable water bottle. The amount of plastic bottles in SE Asia is astounding. And very very sad.  Not only that, but with every plastic bottle of water you order, they often put it into a plastic bag with a plastic straw in a wrapper. Ridiculous waste.

-Zip Ties - I used them to attach things to the scooter I rented. To lock my bag shut when I couldn't find my luggage lock... you name it.

What I wish I would have packed:
A paper map of the countries
A small notebook to organize my findings when researching my next destination