How I survive winter ~ shenanigans and creativity!

Some people have asked how people survive the MN winters... well, in order to survive AND come out a relatively happy human, creativity is key!!!

I/we go snow tubing

We complain of the drive times

We go snowmobiling

We go cross country skiing

We go on girls road trips

We have brunch and drinks with 'famous' people lol - Tom Kramer, MN Viking

We sign a napkin FOR famous people to keep

We go to the  'Eel Pout Fishing Festival'

We watch snow fall

We watch or play eel pout curling on the frozen lake

We get a little crazy

We grab plastic lawn chairs, place them on metal trailers, hook it up to the four-wheeler, and we go for rides!

We survive driving through blizzard warnings

We do HOCKEY!!!!!

We do more girls nights

We take pictures of the massive, record snow fall piles everywhere

I dream of warmer places

We tour ice castles lit up on the frozen lake

We watch comedy to laugh and forget about winter!!! 


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