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A 1943 Walter P38 handgun in the parking lot of the Road Kill Cafe ~ roadside adventures!

Half of the fun of riding motorcycle is the random places we find and the interesting people we meet.  And let me just say - Stiffy and I ride together a lot - and two girls on two bikes attracts a bit of EVERYONE! Our stop at Road Kill Cafe in PA - not only was the place interesting, the older gentleman we met as we were leaving cemented the place in our memory for life!   As we started walking out of the Roadkill Cafe in Pennsylvania, an older gentleman, maybe 80-85 years old, tall, thin, dressed in black pants and a blue button down shirt with pends hanging out of the pocket, stopped Stiffy and excitedly put his hand on her shoulder and told us of how bummed his wife was going to be that she missed seeing us (Stiffy).   Stiffy kindly said that he must be mistaking her for someone else as we were not from the area, but the older gentleman was adamant that Stiffy was indeed friends with his wife, who could not come there today because she was ill. Again Stiffy said he must be mistaken

Father Daughter Adventure West on 2 Wheels 2022

Ever since I can remember, my dad has been an inspiration. As a kid, I would watch him everything and anything. I always wondered how he knew seemingly everything about everything. While I don't remember his first motorcycle (that he owned in my lifetime), I have a great picture of him and I in the driveway and the smile on both of our faces, even at my young age, says it all. I remember when he got his Honda Goldwing - the thing was a beast of comfort. Music, armrests, heating/cooling options, tons of space to carry stuff - it was a Cadillac of a motorcycle for sure. He and I would ride to my grandparents house 3-3.5 hours away and it never failed that I would be so relaxed I would start to fall asleep, waking only as my helmet smacked into the back his head and helmet. Jolting me away to continue soaking up the sights, smells, and sounds. I loved riding on the back of the bike, anywhere and everywhere. That inspiration carried me into adulthood and onto my own motorcycle.  I am b