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New Years Eve ~ GypsyBikerChick all dolled up ~ FUN!

New Years Eve - every year I hype myself up for THE BEST NIGHT EVER and almost every year, I am moderately incorrect. Not to say I haven't had some fun new years eves' over the years, but there's usually something that goes terribly poor (date fell asleep puking at a table while the band played on kind of thing). So this year I was asked to join a guy I haven't known long to Above and Beyond at the Armory... I had no idea who that was or what to expect. Turns out, the Armory is THE place to be for music during the super bowl in a month. It has been totally gutted and revamped from the parking garage that it was prior, to an amazing venue with crazy space, lights, huge stage, bars along side the main floor and suites upstairs.       So, when he asked me if I wanted to go to the Armory with him I said yes- he's a super fun and energetic guy and between that and the experience -it sounded amazing. Not to mention he and his friends had a Suite with bottle ser

December Fun - WILD, Ugly Sweaters, Bingo, Rockerfeller lighting, NorthShore, Christmas with the fam, a concert, a few pranks, and more hockey!

                                       December Fun!     December started out with me working a TON... gotta earn my keep while the weather outside is truly frightful!   I was also kidnapped and spent a night in Duluth - exploring Bentleyville (going shortly before it closes works out well - no crowds!) and staying in an old train car turned hotel along the North Shore.  Then back to reality of work and projects, such as removing and replacing carpeting in the house... then some girls fun at a Whiskey Meyers concert with the girls (front row!), GF shenanigans, Ugly Sweater Bingo with the Bestie (She won 2nd place!!!), Christmas with the Bestie @ Rockerfeller....Christmas in Northern MN with the fam, a little 'mean' fun with the niece and nephews for kicks.... some Xmas spirit (I 'put up a tree'.. haha).. and more snow fun!     Converted Train Cars - very cool!     A little cliff hanging action to see what was down there Littl

November in MN ~ Time to earn my keep.. and play a lil!

Little Late... but things get 'so much less fun' to talk about once riding season halts!!! I mean, there is still a tonof fun to be had in cold months in MN - hockey games with the bestie, bar bingo, arcade fun, house projects, more bestie nights, dart nights, broomball league.... #MNWinter  #November         Winter means hard at work... gotta earn my keep for  --> summer! What is the best thing about winter??  HOCKEY!!!!! This one time... Bestie told someone she kept her men chained up in the basement.. it escalated over time to include "How do you know what size cuffs he is going to take?" ... So there we were at the bar pre-hockey game and this guy let her measure his wrists without knowing why.. and then we told him. He didnt find it nearly as funny as we did/do! Riding memories everywhere ~ this lady is my 'future old self' spirit. And this dented cup is memories of summer riding fun when I hit a GINORMOUS pothole and this guy SAILED o