November in MN ~ Time to earn my keep.. and play a lil!

Little Late... but things get 'so much less fun' to talk about once riding season halts!!! I mean, there is still a tonof fun to be had in cold months in MN - hockey games with the bestie, bar bingo, arcade fun, house projects, more bestie nights, dart nights, broomball league.... #MNWinter  #November    

Winter means hard at work... gotta earn my keep for  --> summer!

What is the best thing about winter??  HOCKEY!!!!!

This one time... Bestie told someone she kept her men chained up in the basement.. it escalated over time to include "How do you know what size cuffs he is going to take?" ... So there we were at the bar pre-hockey game and this guy let her measure his wrists without knowing why.. and then we told him. He didnt find it nearly as funny as we did/do!

Riding memories everywhere ~ this lady is my 'future old self' spirit. And this dented cup is memories of summer riding fun when I hit a GINORMOUS pothole and this guy SAILED out after hitting me in the face. Naturally, Had to go retrieve it. #Survivor

Winter brings beautiful sunrises... one bonus I guess!

  Time for winter projects. Now I know why it said "Wear Gloves". My poor nail gal... just saw her yesterday ;)

Up Down Old Skool Arcade fun with Bestie!

     Old Skool Arcade fun with the Bestie! This night escalated very quickly for a Wednesday..... 

That's right! She skooled them at Hacky Sack

 Later that night... after the arcade fun...... on a weeknight..
                            We even made friends!  -------------->

Old pic but GO VIKES!!! Killin it this season!!!

Headed north for the Turkey Day- my parents might wonder why I dont leave on the Wednesday of... TRAFFIC. I am happily going against the flow to and from work daily!

 Meanwhile, happy memories of riding on December 2, 2017... SANS chaps and I didnt freeze!!!!