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Biker Bar Destination: Psycho Silo Saloon

   It seems so long ago now, but in recent weeks there really was WARM and SUNNY weather in the Midwest.  Not wanting to waste a perfectly good 2 days, I researched various places - and by research, I mean, I wrote down the city and the predicted forecast. And then narrowed down the options. Stopping at the Plywood Palace in northern WI is high on my list of stuff I want to see and experience. Just north of there is the US's biggest Apple. And just south of there is a 'Tornado Boat in Tree' - all quirky roadside attractions with the sole purpose of a laugh and a picture. My parents live in northern MN - seeing the weather prediction of highs in the upper 70's, in northern MN, in September - that's a rare occurrence. So at midnight the night before I was going to hop on the bike and roll out, I sent a text message to my dad and to Stiffy - laying out my half-assed idea and seeing if they would want to join in on the fun.  Stiffy was game, my dad was sound asleep (as

Twisty West Metro (of the Twin Cities) Loop - 140 Miles, 3.25 hours

Here's a fun Western Twin Cities Route that I like to take - it may not look like it, but there are some great curves and twists along this route. Google Maps just doesnt do it justice!  The route will take you through:  Minneapolis - Wayzata - Mound - Delano - Winsted - Howard Lake - Cokato - West Albion - Maple Lake - Monticello - Pelican Lake - St. Michael - Rogers - back to Minneapolis                                                  Approximately 140 miles; 3.25 hours of ride time 394-W turns into 12 W Take County Rd 15W exit from US-12W Merge onto County Rd 15/Shoreline Dr Turn Right onto Commerce Blvd/County Rd 110N (pass subway on the left) Left on Watertown Rd Right onto County Road 90 Left on Babcock Blvd/Hwy 12W Left on County Rd 30, in Delano, MN Follow this - there are some great sweepers just before County Rd 30 and Hwy 25 intersection (where the mouse is pointed)(the maps just don't do any part of this route any justice). Continue straight on

Hidden Treasures: Sale Barn Breakfasts

 I love riding motorcycles, cornering motorcycles, hiking, looking over ridiculously steep cliffs to see what lies beneath them, camping, partying, meeting people, and sunshine. This past week encompassed all my favorite things!! I and three adventure seeking gals rode from MN to Arkansas for the “Rally That Never Happened’ – aka Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, which was cancelled due to CoVid.  CoVid can’t ‘fear me’ out of having fun.  It never once crossed my mind to change my plans to be in NW Arkansas. We usually blast the 650, 12-hour ride (with stops) in one day, however, BatGirl had a connection to a place to stay in a small town on the Iowa-Missouri border, so we left after work on Wednesday, rode through Iowa in the darkness, and arrived late that night. Our lovely hostess for the evening was beyond amazing! The look of happiness as we rolled into her driveway at 11pm was worth the night ride. She had us all set up in our own sleeping arrangements, gave us the tour of the house, offere