Hidden Treasures: Sale Barn Breakfasts

 I love riding motorcycles, cornering motorcycles, hiking, looking over ridiculously steep cliffs to see what lies beneath them, camping, partying, meeting people, and sunshine. This past week encompassed all my favorite things!! I and three adventure seeking gals rode from MN to Arkansas for the “Rally That Never Happened’ – aka Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, which was cancelled due to CoVid.  CoVid can’t ‘fear me’ out of having fun.  It never once crossed my mind to change my plans to be in NW Arkansas. We usually blast the 650, 12-hour ride (with stops) in one day, however, BatGirl had a connection to a place to stay in a small town on the Iowa-Missouri border, so we left after work on Wednesday, rode through Iowa in the darkness, and arrived late that night. Our lovely hostess for the evening was beyond amazing! The look of happiness as we rolled into her driveway at 11pm was worth the night ride. She had us all set up in our own sleeping arrangements, gave us the tour of the house, offered some fun historical facts of her property and how she landed in the small town to call home. Oh, and she also baked scrumptious goodies for us to snack on before getting a few hours of sleep and hopping back on the bikes in the morning. On our way out of town, we were treated to a SUPERB breakfast at the Lamoni Sale Barn. Our lovely host was very excited to bring us there and share more stories of her town. I would have NO idea what the heck a Sale Barn was, except I recently met a cool guy who WORKS at one and gave me the insider scoop on what it is. A sale barn is rural America’s version of a stock market - a place for livestock producers and buyers to gather and auction livestock. I asked the odd question of why they offer amazing breakfasts only on Thursdays. Well, because Thursdays are sale days. Producers and buyers arrive early and arrive hungry (SIMPLE answer that had I taken a few more minutes to wake up, I might have figured out on my own). The 4 of us girls and our lovely host arrived with an appetite, though it was no match to the actual amount of food we were about to have placed in front of us!!! We were warned that the Lamoni Sale Barn’s breakfasts were BIG. We underestimated that statement by a long shot. At the end of the breakfast, our lovely host took home enough leftover food to feed a family (we couldn’t take leftovers – they would be well overcooked in our saddlebags by the time we reached Arkansas!).  I don’t know that the Lamoni Sale Barn has ever seen 4 girls roll up on big motorcycles, fully loaded, before. We had quite a few looks and our own little parade as we geared up to head south.

 Insane amount of food! 

The 5 of us SHARED one cinnamon roll...And also got baked goods to go :)