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Daytona Bike Week 2021

 Whenever you are out seeking or causing shenanigans, stay within these rules and all will be well!  "Stay out of the ditch, the hospital, and jail. If I go to jail, establish dominance quickly and have a bail money buddy waiting on the other side." Fortunately, none of those things happen - therefor, Daytona was a success!!!  Daytona Bike Week was a whirlwind of a good time, once again! It never seems like enough time and the little time spent goes way too fast.   The drive from Minneapolis to Daytona Beach is 24 hours (of just drive time). That combined with the unstable ways of Mother Nature in March in MN, Scootertrash, Stiffy, and I decided to load the bikes into a T WORD (trailer) and head to Chattanooga, where we met up with the 4 th person in our group, Miller.  But first, we made a REALLY quick stop in Nashville - we had exactly one hour to spend there before the bars closed (Yep- bars close before midnight these days in Nashville...quite a contrast to their usual 4

When friendship and a love of motorcycles collide

I'm not much on sharing feelings - but something about 2021 has just spoken to me and I want to share my happiness ;) LOL I have always said that getting my motorcycle license was by far the best thing I have ever done in my life. It trumps owning a home, getting my Master’s Degree, and all of the other things that folks consider epic milestones in life. For me, motorcycling has taught me that a map is just for reference, that there is always someplace new to explore, that some of the best people on earth also ride motorcycles, and that spending time alone on two wheels truly does refresh the soul. I always laugh when thinking about how far I will ride, just to ride. If I have a 4 day weekend, I have been known to rip down to Arkansas to ride the twists and turns of the Ozarks, or rip out to Colorado to chase the fresh mountain air. Those types of trips sound amazing to me (although I would prefer longer trips!) on two wheels. Give me the option of doing the same in a cager, HARD n

Springtime Motorcycle Thoughts & a Myth – Happy Riding!

Spring has sprung and that means it is finally 2 Wheel Season here in MN! People often have advice to give when I have my bike out at this time of year. Here are my top 4 safety memos I remind myself of every spring: 1.        1. I check my tire pressure, oil, brakes, and lights before my first ride of the season. Having my bike sitting in the un-heated garage for a couple of short months, usually means my tires are a couple of pounds low and while I tell myself every fall that I will remember what is needed come spring, I never remember. I see sunshine and 40’s in the forecast and riding is all I think about! #Squirrel 2.         2.  Until heavy rains sweep the roadways, I just assume that there is salt and or sand on the roadways – especially corners, tight turns, bridges, and high traffic areas. I am highly aware of how slippery salt and sand can be, especially on 2 wheels. 3.        3. Drivers are not expecting motorcycles at this time of year. It’s still chilly, we are all j

Patience, Resourcefulness, and Beer: Requirements when doing bike maintenance!

 In preparation for a mini trip to Daytona, I had to get my very fist bike ready "Suzi" (Suzuki Boulevard M50 - 800 cc) because my Victory has too big of a butt to fit into a trailer with 3 other bikes.  And I hate the T word, but MN weather doesn't allow for riding this time of year, at least not consistently. So, having only ridden Suzi locally in the past few years, I figured I better do some maintenance on her if she was going to keep up with the big dog bikes. First things first. I changed her oil and discovered my brand new torque wrench was busted right out of the box. No biggie, I can work around that. Next up: Brakes. Not a HUGE deal while riding locally - I just downshift a lot and sometimes drag my feet. Not safe, not recommended. I dug out the service manual for Suzi - while these manuals may seem too expensive for how little I hope to use it - they pay off 100% the first time it is needed! Especially for newer bikes, which offer maintenance instructions like

A Harley guy and a Victory Girl in Key West - Scooter Shenanigans!

  We lucked out with the minivan idea, finding a place to call home (Boyd’s campground), and having amazing weather gods looking after us. We woke up the next day ready to explore the Keys on 2 wheels. We found a rental place that delivered the scooters directly to our campground – and one scooter was only $50 for 24 hours – what a steal! We got our two identical twin scooters delivered right outside of our minivan.  The guy dropping them off said “There is plenty of gas for 24 hours…” to which Scootertrash and I side glanced at each other and laughed, thinking…” You underestimate us buddy…”.  We then asked a gal how far Key Largo was – she said, “Only a couple hours”, then we added in, “On a scooter.” With an “are you kidding” look, the gal said “No.” And then laughed at us. We hit the road on our little scooters. At the 2 nd red light,  Scootertrash and I looked at each other and had one thing on our mind: “I am totally going to crush you when this light turns green.” To prove our ‘