Apostle Island Sea Caves ~ Spectacular!

 Last weekend I did a solo motorcycle trip to the Apostle Islands, near Bayfield, Wisconsin. I found a remote campground with nothing but an outhouse for amenities right on Lake Superior, hiked above the sea caves, took the Madeline Island Ferry...and spent quality ME time. I am a firm believer in solo travel and try to go somewhere solo a few times a year to get away from the chaos of the city, soak in the calming sights and sounds of nature, and just reset my soul. When I first started solo traveling, it was almost uncomfortable and an awkward feeling - and now I cherish solo exploration away from the hustle and bustle of "life". Nature has so much to offer, and it is all free. What more can I ask for? If you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking out the Apostle Island Sea Caves. There’s a killer trail starting at Meyer’s Beach (WI) that’s roughly 1.8 miles one way which brings you above the sea caves.  It was crazy to take in all of the sensations around me - I could hear the waves crashing below, FEEL the earth shake beneath my feet when the waves hit, and had spectacular views of Lake Superior - which looks more like the ocean than a great lake. There is a trail beyond the Sea Caves towards the Mainland campground, which is only accessible by hiking to it. Unfortunately, it was booked, but I still wanted to walk to it and check it out as a future idea - I made it 5.70 miles one way in, and still had another mile to go to the campsite - but was running out of daylight, so I never made it to the end. I will save that idea for next time I visit! 

I want to go back and kayak into the sea caves!! 

                           Given the short rope, I highly doubt this is meant to save anyone lol
        Whenever I see trees growing out of rocks, I wonder how it remains alive and why THAT tree can survive when the others around it are extinct.
   That yellow line is the trail out to this lookout point - it was a bit sketchy given its all sand and gravel

        Not a lot of room for error while walking to the point! (*Note this is not part of the actual trail - it was an offshoot that I just HAD to check out)!
                           The water is such an amazing color!

Spending time solo in nature resets my soul and my entire mood/outlook on life

   I forgot a backpack, but luckily there was
a thrift shop in Bayfield where I found a "good
enough" backpack for $8 to carry water along the
11.5 mile round trip hike. 
Highly recommend this rustic, out of the way, campground north of Bayfield. It is literally the northernmost point of Wisconsin. There are zero amenities, aside from an outhouse. The campsites are remote, a few are right on the water, and beyond peaceful. It's 9 miles of rough gravel to reach the campground. It is first come, first served and I had to go back to the casino near Bayfield to pay for the site - but all of that was worth it as there was only a handful of people in the campground, when every other campground in the area was full and cramped for space. 

                             Picture perfect campground setup on the Lake

                         Sunsets are amazing and FREE! I always try to soak in the beauty of sunsets


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