Sturgis 2021 - Riding, sightseeing, and nighttime entertainment for starters!

 Sturgis - its like CHRISTMAS to me!!! I am always so ancy for it to arrive, but yet sad at the same time, because its arrival means the tail end of summer is near. The 12 hour ride west is always filled with excitement of getting there - people to see, places to go, things to experience.

The older I get, the bigger the cankles are after a full days ride!

This year's Sturgis Rally was predicted to be impressively big - and the first weekend was definitely busy! Traffic was slow, lines were long, and things were abuzz every direction we turned. 



 Main Street - Bikes for miles!!!!

We managed to ride Spearfish Canyon on Friday before the actual rally started and we had it mostly to ourselves - a welcome treat from the chaos of town!!

There's still reminders of the tornado that rolled through the Spearfish area a year or two again - it is crazy to see such big trees laying flat along the hills of the canyon.
We tried to ride AWAY from town as much as possible, to escape some of the crowds and long lines of bikes waiting at every light. We saw a sign for a dam, naturally the road turned to gravel....and then turned to really crappy, "pull my bike every which way" gravel, so we turned around. 

We made the obligatory stop at Full Throttle Saloon - but we did so mid day, when it was the least crowded. Which worked out well as we had ample parking opportunitieis and were able to check out the cool sculptures around the FTS grounds.

My impersonation of the pose - I am fairly UNgraceful, so to avoid serious injury, refrained from standing on the seat of my bike.

Nightlife in and around Sturgis is a mixed bag of entertainment options!!!
 *Quit scrolling now if you are easily offended by half-clothed humans*

Some campgrounds make their own entertainment like this dude climbing the pool with ginormous fake boobs. He had great pole skills!

Everything can happen in Sturgis, for a price! Shots 2 for $5, pic with server "extra". We see her every year - one of the few bartenders we have met every year with a down to earth personality at the Rally!

Motorcycles are not the only mode of transportation around camp!
Sunset stroll downtown
Bikers come in all shapes and sizes - and with every variety of sense of humor you can imagine!