December Fun - WILD, Ugly Sweaters, Bingo, Rockerfeller lighting, NorthShore, Christmas with the fam, a concert, a few pranks, and more hockey!

                                       December Fun!  

  December started out with me working a TON... gotta earn my keep while the weather outside is truly frightful!   I was also kidnapped and spent a night in Duluth - exploring Bentleyville (going shortly before it closes works out well - no crowds!) and staying in an old train car turned hotel along the North Shore.  Then back to reality of work and projects, such as removing and replacing carpeting in the house... then some girls fun at a Whiskey Meyers concert with the girls (front row!), GF shenanigans, Ugly Sweater Bingo with the Bestie (She won 2nd place!!!), Christmas with the Bestie @ Rockerfeller....Christmas in Northern MN with the fam, a little 'mean' fun with the niece and nephews for kicks.... some Xmas spirit (I 'put up a tree'.. haha).. and more snow fun!


Converted Train Cars - very cool!

A little cliff hanging action to see what was down there
Little hiking and scoping out the amazing Lake Superior Views

Met up with an old friend for some shenanigans!
Next Up - ADULTING, fun, Christmas, and more fun...

Came home...did some #Adulting

Put up my Christmas Tree

Then more fun ~ Music with the GIRLS

Went to a Whiskey Meyers Concert with the girls -super fun!

Front Row!

The girls.... #behaving  ;)

Well, maybe a little shenanigans happened


And then more Christmas Spirit

Christmas delivery from an amazing friend who always remembers me even from far, far away

And then, my 2nd favorite 'season'!!  UGLY SWEATER FUN with the BESTIE!!!

Forgot to add the antlers.... what could go wrong using hot glue to attach it... WHILE wearing said shirt?!


Bestie Ugly Sweater Bingo FUN!

#Hotties - we work out

Ugly Sweater Contestants!

After a lot of December fun, time to celebrate Xmas with my fam! More fun!!
Christmas up north ~ and a large pile of wood for winter warmth!

Winter wonderland up north
Messing with my niece and nephews by wrapping up stuff I found in their rooms and leaving notes in the presents...


And a little more play time between Christmas and New Years!

Messing with Bestie who didn't have winter shoes on and was closely following in my footsteps... which oddly got REALLY wide for a bit  ;) 
She totally would've done the same thing to me..!

#HockeyFans #StickFever #MnWILD #StateOfHockey



 Aside from some bumps and craters along the way, I feel like 2017 handled me (and vice versa) pretty well! 

Next Up:   NYE Celebrations - Fancy Suite Style.....