Setting a fashion statement on 2 wheels - Gypsy Biker Chick style! Lol

Fashionable is not a word that is ever used to describe me, and I am perfectly OK with that! I have found that with a love of riding I just have to be OK with whatever dorky look I have that day. I dress for the weather and sometimes the weather kicks my butt. Here are some examples of my various fashion statements while riding on 2 wheels across the country:

HEAT Fashion:

When I pack in a hurry at midnight the night before a trip... and I pack CAPRIS for my clean pair of jeans. I had worn the same jeans for 2.5 days in nasty 100 degree temps, so they were starting to crawl. That is when I took out the clean jeans and realized my debacle. 

Needless to say, the capris did not work out so well on the bike. The tiniest little rock HURTS when it impales the shin at 70 Mph!!

Heat brings on a whole new perspective - I love heat!! But when I ride, I wear jeans. And that includes when I stop to walk around/hike/sightsee. So while the rest of the world is in shorts and a tank top, there I am (we are), in jeans, boots, and leather. When its that hot, I will do whatever I can to get some airflow to my legs and feet!
I am a firm believer in wearing boots while riding. But sometimes, my feet cannot handle 100 degree temps for days on end. Enter, the pink shoes.  
At the end of the day, it is nice to relax and cool off. 

COLD Fashion:
I started riding without leather and without heated gear. Over the years I have added to my cold riding gear and let me tell you - 100% worth it! If I were to buy just ONE item for cold weather riding, it would be a heated vest, hands down. I have found that if I can keep my core warm, I can survive almost any temp riding.  But with the heated gear comes the cords and borderline unabomber look.

Then there is the fashion statement that bulky, layered, leathers gives a person...

RAIN Fashion:
Before I knew about waterproof boot covers, I was desperate to keep my feet even just a little dry. Waterproofed boots can only stave off so much rain before they give up. And hours of riding in the rain makes my feet look like nasty prunes. So I used bags INSIDE of my boots back in the day.

It's super important to be seen, especially while riding in the rain. So the neon colors are for safety, but definitely not helpful in the looks department! 

And sometimes rain gear can't hold up to the amount of rain I ride into...
Hair and Eyes - Fashion Fail:
Hours of riding into the wind and squinting from the sun = eye strain!
Rat's nest up there!

Then there is the identity crisis fashion statement - when I want to ride the bike to work and need to look half professional when I get there! 

Bugs always find a home on my pants! 

Clears - there are not a ton of options for clear glasses and sometimes, when they break on the road, I have to settle for gas station glasses!

Lastly, while my clothing certainly doesn't scream Fashionista - my nails almost always do!