Sturgis 2020: Impound Lots, Tornado damage, Horses in Bars, and Sock Fires!

The crowds were definitely lessor this year - from the traffic, to the rides, to the gas pump lines... it was noticeably slower. Don't get me wrong, there were still several thousands of people, but not as much as expected, especially if it had been an average year - the 80th would have been stupidly packed! *Disclaimer: Yes, I went to Sturgis. No, I did not wear a mask. Yes, I did quarantine upon returning home - I live solo and work from home. No, I am not here to start a debate about Coronavirus.* 

Summary of Sturgis 2020:  Riding, Impound Lots, Tornado damage, and Sock Fires!

This was the BEST weather year I have ever experienced during the rally. Its the first year I didn't get hailed on, down poured on while riding, or nearly struck by lightning while dodging back to camp. And temps were perfect in the upper 80's. Camp was quieter than usual. Lots of shade options!

Deadwood was busy as usual - we stopped one morning for breakfast and then tried to avoid the town from there on. 

A tornado ripped through Spearfish Canyon in recent weeks - the devastation was widespread and sad to see! 
The longer the week goes on, the less classy we get around camp. And everywhere. Fabric softner sheets are amazing when on jean day #3!! 

Annual trek to the Stone House. We walked up and down SIX rows of bikes looking for a headlight with more than 2 bugs on it (LITERALLY). We found TWO BIKES aside from our very dirty bikes, with bugs on the headlights. 
Random horses walking around the bar
Cornering is my favorite
Some of the best moments of Sturgis are the people I have met along the way. We often camp with each other and every year, the group grows a little bigger. 
A Sturgis First:  Someone I know had their bike towed from Main Street. Granted, he said he was parked in a short term space for 2 hours - I always wondered and feared what that would be like. I picked him up in town, we rode to two shops before finding his bike. I would have been freaking out, he took it stride (at least on the outside)!  $300 tow... Note to self! 

And of course, the annual stop at the Dungeon Bar. I think we only have 2 tables left in the whole place to carve. 

And we got a lot of flack from our favorite waitress for our annual carvings. She said she rips perfectly good fishnets every time she goes on the tables for a shot because of us. Next year, note to self: bring sandpaper. LOL 
If you ever need a patch made or created - go see 3 Mom's Stitchin - based out of Ohio - they will make you an amazingly high quality patch for a great deal!!! I sent them an order before the rally week, and when I walked up to their booth, she pulled it out and sewed it on!!! LOVE THREE MOM'S STITCHIN! They will ship anywhere. SUPER high quality work. And any color and font you can imagine! 

Sometimes after many days in hot weather, socks are just not salvageable. So they get burnt LOL

Leaving early in the AM is always a bear when the rally ends for us. It is a 13 hour ride home - we lose an hour and usually have not slept a whole lot in many days!!!! This trip home called for a closed down gas station parking lot nap. It helped! 
EW.  Someone should wash that thing!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!


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