Top 5: States, Scenic Routes, Twisty Routes, and, of course, Gravel routes!

It's crazy to think of all the places I have been on my bikes over the years. To think that I have rolled on two wheels thru 38 states makes me question my own sanity a little. That's a REALLY long time in the saddle!
 People often ask where my favorite place to ride is... it is SO hard to narrow it down!  So here are my top 5 states for riding - as of today, anyways!!

5. W. Virginia + surrounding area
4. Tennessee
3. Utah
2. Colorado
1. Arkansas.  I have been on some amazing roads in some amazing places, but if I had to choose a STATE, I would hands down say Arkansas. I know, I know... of all the states to choose, Arkansas does NOT sound overly appealing if you have never been there. I thought the same thing years ago as I followed some friends there for the first time. But Arkansas is amazing riding - no matter what part of the state you are in. Every single road is twisty and comes with 'caution' signs because of all the sharp corners and steep inclines. There are sweeper corners, hairpin turns, corners at every angle, and rarely gravel in the roads. The landscape is gorgeous. The people are genuine and kind. And so many towns cater specifically to bikers, its very accommodating. And! It's only a 10 hour ride from Minneapolis - so a quick day there and back - its truly perfect.

My top 5 Fave Roads to ride on two wheels (based on the scenery, the views, and having some fun riding involving corners or cliffs):
5.   Escalante Grand Staircase Road - Utah
4.   Going to the Sun Road- Montana. Even when it is sleeting out, it was still enjoyable!
3.  San Juan Skyway/Million Dollar highway -Colorado
2.  Blue Ridge Parkway
1.  Pacific Coast Highway

Top 5 Favorite for cornering *some because I know the road, which means I corner faster and harder than I probably should*:
5.    Pikes Peak - CO
4.   Tail of the Dragon *only when there's little to no traffic on it - which is rare!*
3.  129 from Washington State to Oregon State
2.  Lolo Pass, Idaho
1.  Hwy 23 in Arkansas - then to 16 - then 123

Craziest Road I have ever ridden on two wheels with my Victory Cross Roads 8 Ball:
Shelf Road, Colorado. A gravel road meant for dirt bikes or jeeps, the Victory handled it quite well and it was absolutely worth every "should I REALLY be on this road with THIS bike?' moment. Not for those who don't appreciate a good gravel, bumpy, twisty, narrow mountain road with switchbacks, steep, steep cliffs, and zero cell service should something happen. 

Image result for shelf road colorado

Second place gravel twisty fun: Moki Dugway - Utah