My Sturgis Bike Rally Tradition continues!

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the few things that I commit to every single year. Which I guess in itself, says a lot about my priorities in life (and my commitment issues). 😆 I remember the first time I came to the Rally - I was so excited to see and meet other people with a passion for riding like myself. To be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who ride motorcycle, from all walks of life and from all over the world is surreal! I've been coming to Sturgis Bike Week for several years and have met so many amazing people - and those people are basically the reason I look forward to returning year after year. One of the first years I camped in Sturgis, I remember pulling into the campground overwhelmed at all of the tents, people, and bikes for as far as the eye could see. It was just Shelly and I that year and I cant tell you the number of hot laps we made around the entire campground to find that 'perfect spot' to camp. We found one area with trees (a HOT commodity around the camp), a decent distance from the shower house, and on the main drag so we could people watch. We stalled in front of the spot twice, if not more, hesitant to make a final decision because there was a tent full of chicks next to it and they were basically wearing nothing. And they had a vehicle, not a single bike between them all. Yes, I realize that was a bit judgmental, but I was here for bikers, which they were not. Well, we finally decided to pick that spot as our camp area and it was by far the best decision made! Not only were the girls super cool (they were from Montana and in town to work the rally at the local bar), the other neighbors around us quickly became lifelong friends, to which we see annually at the same camp.

This year we took off from Minneapolis around 7am, eager to make the 630-something mile trip to our little slice of Sturgis heaven. And of course, part of my 10 hour ride tradition to bike week is my hot pink shirt... (also in good fun but man does it bring a ton of conversation and laughter along the way!) 

New this year, was Shelly's shirt:

While the ride gets a bit long and dull, people get pretty creative, which makes the drive a bit more entertaining! 

This guys bike said "His sh*t" on the left bag... "Her sh*t" on the right bag and "More of her sh*t" on the trunk bag HA!

This guys license plate on the truck AND the bike said "NoWife"

My/our best Sturgis friend had arrived just prior to us and instead of camping in a tent alongside of us, he upgraded to an RV. Yes, he trailered his bike as well.. and yes, I gave him hell for it. But all in good fun. We pulled the bikes up and started to unpack our tents and other camp gear when he demanded that we instead use his 'mansion' tent. We obliged and MAN is it nice! It's kind of like going from a Motel 6 to a Radisson hotel (or whatever a fancy hotel might be these days... clearly I don't stay in many hotels these days). He is just one of the amazing people I have met during the rally over the years. Can't wait to see what the 2019 Rally brings! 


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