More of Sturgis - Riding and Sightseeing

Part of the reason I love going to the Sturgis Rally is the people watching and the creativity that people put into their rides, even when 'trailering'. lOl

This guys plates said "NoWife" and  "NoWyfe" LOL

                                                        Riding Iron Mountain Twisties

                                        Waiting our turn to go thru the one lane tunnels
                                          Cool view of Mount Rushmore thru the tunnel

 Stopping to check out the sights for a bit      - and of course dangling my feet off the edge  

The boys chatting it up and people watching

When security checks us out and yells "Nice Sweaters Ladies" as we don't blink an eye and keep walking upstairs.... only to realize what he meant when this sign was spotted (and also posted EVERYWHERE). He clearly didn't see us as threatening with our 'colors'.
Another little side hike, courtesy of our buddies who are from SD - gorgeous stop indeed!!

I can just sense the unease happening in this picture!

Resting my cankles at the end of a hot day of riding and hiking!


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