The Tail x2; Moonshiners 28; TN-NC-GA-SC

Today in pictures as I am tired from riding and sweating and soaking in mad rain and drinking a few Yuengling at the end!!!

Tail of the dragon 3 out of 3 is good!!

Yee haw!

Gotta love getting a little tail! 

Feels like dragons fire! 

No leftovers on teee of shame ! 

So.ida warning!

Lunch stop and forget a card run! 

These are our peeps!

Dirt road detour!

Rocking chair heavens!

Bridal veil falls cool off!

Georgia peaches suck. Still. 

SC - bucket list check?!!

Georgia's greeting like an ass

sweet home greeting 

Rain in da boots 


Tweedle Dee and meth face ~