Motorcycle Life: Where to find people to ride with

When I first started riding, I would go out with my dad or my uncle when they were able to go. I really didn't have any friends that rode at the time and I had no idea where to find such friends. So I set out on a mission to find others to ride with. I love to ride solo, but its nice to be able to meet up and ride with friends too. - This is where I first found people to ride with. I simply searched 'motorcycles' and there were several groups that popped up. My first group ride was with the ShiftKickers. I knew no one. I had never ridden in a big group before. I didn't know what hand signals were. But I sucked it up and met them in the parking lot of Lowe's, scared out of my wits not knowing what to expect or who would be there. Heck, I didn't even know WHO to look for. Turns out, its pretty easy to spot bikers in a Lowe's parking lot! There were only 4 of us that day, but everyone was incredibly welcoming and supportive of a newbie joining the group! It was a great day and I remember smiling the whole way home thinking, these ladies are amazing!! I've made a ton of amazing friends through this group!

In the Twin Cities, there are a ton of riding groups - check to see who is welcome to join and ride on!
The TC Motorcycle Group
River Valley Riders
Sunday Riders
Suburbanites MC Riding Group
Simply Moto Life Riding Group
TC Adventure riders
Riding Friends
M Newbies & Seasoned Riders
Central MN MC Riders Group
Women Riders Now

Other places to look for biker gatherings and events:
Local motorcycle dealers often have events, gatherings, and weekly group rides
CycleFish.Com - listings of Motorcycle events - whether its a charity ride or other event, all are welcome.
Google:  Motorcycle Biker Night near me to find local bars and restaurants that sponsor events for bikers

See something that is no longer accurate? Have other recommendations? Share in the comments!
The original ShiftKicker Crew - so many fun memories!!!