CanAm and A Disabled Vet’s Nightmare

My dad, a disabled veteran and retired law enforcement officer, paid $24,445.19 for a 2019 CanAm Ltd on 6/21/19. Six days later, he broke down and the bike was in the dealer’s repair shop. He learned it would need a new motor due to factory defects. That was just the beginning of a summer lost. From oil issues to electrical issues to coolant issues to a muffler hanging on the axle bolt- the bike has given him nothing but trouble. From 6/21/19 to 10/30/19 - Of the 133 days he owned it, in which is was still riding season, the bike was in the repair shop for 83 of those days. The frame of the bike ended the season with only 4,753 miles. He drove 1,856 miles with the bike on a trailer to be fixed. So for every 2.56 miles he was able to ride, the bike required trailering 1 mile. My dad loves riding and has owned several bikes over the years. When he bought this bike, he was all smiles and so excited to have a new bike! But after only 218 miles, that smile turned to sadness and then anger -problem after problem. He paid $24,455.19 and only got to ride 4,753 miles from June thru October due to a number of ‘from the factory’ issues. I’ve reached out to tons of people who seemingly love CanAm. My dad wants to be one of those happy customers. But BRP refuses to make it right. If BRP stands behind their product so much, they should prove it - accept the fact that his bike is a lemon and give him a new bike. Give him a chance to love CanAm. #MakeItRight