MBK - THE shopping mall of Thailand.. its bigger than the MOA in MN!

I finally arrived at my destination - MBK Center. "THE MALL" of Thailand. I mocked it a smidge, since I come the state of 'Mall of America' - which is huge. I was way mistaken. This place is GINORMOUS. More to come on that! ……...

Before I even got into the mall I saw CHRISTMAS. Everywhere. Good grief. Sure doesn't feel like Christmas!

It was interesting to people watch outside of the mall - the Americans (few and far between) were taking pictures of the huge statutes and crazy traffic.. the Asians were taking pictures of the big screen 'TV' on the side of the mall. 

Outside MBK - grass sculpted into elephants

MBK Center Art
MBK has 8 floors... over 2,000 storefronts, another thousand shops in the midst of the aisles and together with Siam Paragon (connected via skyway) covers 5.4 million square feet. For comparison, the MOA is 'only' 4.2 million square feet. LOL. MBK, unlike the MOA, is a collection of 'bargains'. In the US, malls = higher prices (at least that's what I think - not backed by any research on my part). At MBK.. the locals flock to find bargains and theres no haggle - meaning foreigners (as they call me) get the same deals. 8 floors. And I just walked 4.1 miles to get to said ginormous mall. (I am sooooo sorry feet...)

Stands in the middle section between all the storefronts

I finally find my way to the electronics floor. Holy balls - it was more overwhelming that I envisioned.

I went to find 'a' dealer with AIS sim cards - the best option for where I will be traveling. In Thailand, you cannot just 'get' a burner phone (a phone to use temporarily) - you have to register it by handing over your passport. I did just that and was told my phone in fact, is locked. Meaning I cant do anything unless I get it 'unlocked'. Having no idea what that means, I walk around lost and asked the first electronic stand who spoke English.. and he charged $100 to unlock phones. Considering there were NEW phones all around me for less than that cost... I just kept walking.
And by that, I walked back to the hostel. Screw it - technology is my weak spot in terms of patience. And patience is already gone. 

The 4.1 miles back to the hostel. It was dark outside, but I felt 100% safe the entire time. If I see the same buildings in the US, I would NOT likely walk at night. But the standards are not the same in Thailand - and the people are FAR nicer and more accommodating of every person in its presence. I never once felt scared or threatened or concerned. There are so many people walking at night, families eating out, and food stands starting to open up at night, when its finally 'cool' (85 degrees vs 100) out, its just has a home-town type feel. 

24,000 steps later I was back home. And DEAD tired!!

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